Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My vision for a better TamilNadu (first and later India)

If I come to power, (the word power is not right, it should be serving people) my vision will be as follows:

First thing take a survey of whole Tamil Nadu. Study where there is densly populated and where there is poorly populated. Will take all the waste land survey. Will take all the place where it can be good for agriculture.

Take all the surveys/needs for
1) Farmers
2) Industrialists
3) School/college students on how their ethics is

and bring in self motivated, service centered, knowledgeable persons and get all their feedbacks and allocate each of them an area to work on the defects.

Where there is densly populated will also study what makes it so and try to take those stuffs to other areas.

Make Tamilnadu green, bring as much possible 4 lane roads or sub ways, nice trees all throughout, big buildings with lot of parking facilities with adequate commute etc. Remove corruption. Equal rights for everyone (no religion, caste based reservations) and the reservations will be based on income level. For this, each family/person has to pay the tax properly and bring-in adequate jobs so that people will not have any problem.

Like more of "Narendra Modi" government!!

I know lot of people have this vision.. This is a good vision.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It is a "big black mark" for all Tamilians

Recently, India has seen 2 big corruptions. One is the Spectrum 2G corruption and the other one is the Common Wealth games corruptions. First one is 1.77 lakhs crores and the second one is 2500 crores.

I read some information about Spectrum 2G. BJP brought in "Income sharing" rule in 2001 for Telecomm companies. What it means is, Telecomm companies not only pay a initial charge for getting the license but also share some cost for each subscriber they get. Also, this applies for first come first serve basis.

In 2001 when they implemented, there were around 1 crore customers. In 2008, they were using the same charge as of 2001 for 30 crore customers which lead to around 1.3 lakhs crores + the initial deposit which tallies to 47 lakhs crores totalling 1.77 lakhs crores.

The worst part is mostly these corruptions are done by Tamilians. Being a Tamilian, I feel very bad.

I still dont understand how people can be involved in these corruptions and still be ethical to their jobs? If atleast 50% of this money being spent on the welfare of people, part of India would have been beautiful and got whatever it needed.

India is projected as one of the top growing nations and is a part of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and doing these scandals will not help India in any way..

You cannot blame only the politicians, as people get money to even vote for their favorite party, what can you expect from these politicians !!!

Thirudanaai paarthu thirunthaavitaal thirutayum ozhika mudiyadhu.. what it means is, each one of us has to change for a good society!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

whatever good is not good and bad is not bad

I was watching a History channel program the other day about some Rome empire ruling 2100 years before. On this, they have figured out that there was a ship with wine container jars in that ship and it got sank. May be that day it might be bad for those people.

However, we are able to understand more about their empire today and took out some of the jars from the deep ocean.

So, what I feel is sometimes we feel when bad happens why it is happening to me and blame external factors!! If bad happens, it might be for a reasoning and who knows after some 1000 years it may be a good thing!!