Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 Manny Vaallu - Alociaus - 106.4 fm

Yesterday when I tuned into hello fm 106.4, it was 4 manny vallu Alociaus program going on.

He was asking the listeners to call and talk about "Aepom" (a Tamil slang for loosing something, technical meaning is burp, after eating).

One guy called and gave a big build-up. Then he talked about what he lost. He lost his new bi-cycle. How: Somebody came and told him that he had a big parcel and he has to come and pick up from the office. I think, in India, usually, from one place to another, they send it by the bus company and the company will let the receiver know. This is a smart way of saving some money for all the parties, sender, receiver and bus companies. I have availed this bus-transporting service.

So this guy has fell in this trap. The person took him to a house. There he asked him to wait in the front thinnai (a small place in front of the house) and asked his cycle so that he can go and pick the parcel and tie it in the cycle carrier and bring. Poor chap has given the cycle and was waiting in front of the house thinking that guy will bring his parcel and cycle. Later, the house owner noticed this guy standing for some time called the cop and what a pity!!

Like Vadivelu says, "Eppadiyallam yosichu thirudarangaya!!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent Liking - Song

I heard the song from the movie Ivar. The song is Nee Maatum Maritadi Mallika. It is so slow and beautiful, very melodious as well as gentle. The singer (Tipu) has sung in his base voice. Music director is Sai Prasad.

Good job Tipu and Sai Prasad.

To listen to this song, here is the link:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flat bed Gardening

This Sunday, I went to a class on gardening. It was really interesting. They were talking about soil preparation, seed sowing, watering, pest control and to take effective yield.

What time is good to plant different varieties of plants and how to take good care of them, how to have good organic garden vegetables. (I will try to get the list of plant vs timing in my next blog)

For weed removal a nice tip I got was Vinegar.

After that there were some nice prizes given out based on a drawing. I didnt get any.

Then they talked about Flat-bed gardening. I really liked this one. A 4'x4' frame with 6" height. Place this frame in your garden and spray vinegar and leave it for couple of days. Then fill the whole frame with good soil and composite. With some tapes mark a grid with 1'x1'. You will get a total of 16 grids with 1'x 1'. Then you can place 4 different varieties of plants in each grid. The tip here is make sure you place the tallest growing plant in the back and less taller after that, less taller after that and the smallest in the front.

Draw this 16 grids in a paper and keep track of which plant is in each grid. This is for rotating the plants for the next cycle. We dont need to keep the same plant in the same grid for next cycle to avoid fungus formation.

Good luck with flat-bed gardening.

Earth Day

Last Saturday, I went to the Earth Day organized by the city. It was really good and informative.

There are lot of stuffs on how to make our day-to-day living efficiently. A minimum of 25 stalls were there. We visited some and these are the highlights of them.

1) Recycling - things to recycle!
2) Frequent water pressure check at house.
3) Used/fried oil not to let in the drain pipe. It forms lot of grease in the pipe system and may break the pipe system if left unattended. Also, the used oil can be given to the city officials. These are used for bio-diesel generation.
4) About fire hydrants
5) Composite preparation. The dead dried leaves put in a separate container with some water for couple of days becomes a good composite and can be used in plants-soil.
6) Astronomy / Star party group. A good one, I am searching for sometime. For 40 bucks a whole family can join the star viewing every month.
7) Snakes/Turtles
8) Solar power and wind mill power generators.
9) Tips on fire avoiding at home.
10) My son enjoyed some jumping on the bed!

We spent around an hour and it was worth the time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kannum Kannum Nokia

One of my friend attended the art of living course!! He usually gets some depression because of thyroid problems and hence he wants to learn some yoga and art of living.

In this course, they have taught him to do yoga and other fun game. My friend is a married guy, and all the other participants (approx 10) were also married. There were a few ladies.

The organiser has asked them to look into each other eyes for a few minutes and then talk. This is for them to become more friendly. However, my friend and all other participants felt uneasy on this.

Later they have asked each group to write a script on the ups/downs in the life and how to handle those. He has written,directed and acted in his story. Good one!