Thursday, December 31, 2009

Earth’s Moon

I read in that Moon is moving away from us. 4.6 billion years ago , the moon was about 14,000 miles from Earth. It is now 280,000 miles away. Also, Moon steals some of Earth’s rotational energy and uses it to propel itself about 1.6 inches higher in its orbit.

After reading some interesting facts about our Moon and Earth formation, (earlier (4 billion years ago, a day was only 18 hours long), I have started to think “Bhagwad Gita” is absolutely correct. People or God, whoever wrote or conceptualized “Gita” has really thought and considered all these in to effect and written.

I was always wondering, when it comes to love, people always compared their lover with Moon. After reading the facts of Moon, no wonder why they do it. Without Moon, seems like we may not be here even. Moon stabilizes Earth’s rotation.. hmm.. interesting facts from biologists is that tides generated mostly by Moon would have been a logical place for life to originate.

After reading this article from my head started to spin.

I was reading this article to my kid and she was asking me an important question “I was under the impression that Moon has less gravity than the Earth and how come Moon can attract Earth and make tides” !! Good question.

Make an action thriller story

Yesterday when I was surfing the net and reading some Indian News paper, I got the following topics.. If you have some nice imagination, you can make a nice action story out of it. The headlines are as follows:

Bhaba Atomic Research Center in Mumbai Fire accident - 2 Junior Scientists killed (may be we can think of something like they found out and the higher authorities killed them.. or they are the terrorists and the higher authorities doesnt want to leak them out and hence killed them.. We have to link the other headlines and make a nice story)

Lunar and Solar eclipse can be seen in India (You can link some scientific fiction based on the eclipse and associate with the above story)

New Year 2010 (bring in some horrific sentiments during new year time)

Terrorist activity in Gujarat Indian border and a Human bomb was discovered (This can be nicely associated with the first headline)

NT Thiwari Sex incident

Telengana problem

India's climatic change

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2010..

May you get all you want in this new year!!

God bless all and let terrorism vanish across the globe and peace be with us..

Let Scarcity be Scarce and necessity be abundant !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking of Pelham 123

Director: Tony Scott
Release date: June 12, 2009
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Denzel Washington ... Walter Garber
John Travolta ... Ryder
Luis Guzmán ... Phil Ramos
Victor Gojcaj ... Bashkim
John Turturro ... Camonetti
Music: Harry Gregson-Williams
Cinematography: Tobias A. Schliessler

Watched last thursday "Taking of Pelham 123" starring John Travolta (Ryder) and Denzel Washington (Garber).. I didnt like it.. Lot of bad words.. Travolta and co hijacks a New York City subway train for a ransom.. It turns out to be for a sharemarket tumble.. I didnt quite get in the end what Ryder wanted.. waste of time..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Lost my Scooter

I usually park my scooter in my apartment complex parking space. Since it is very cold during November to March, I don’t use my scooter much. So it was parked wherever I left. I usually notice my scooter every time I get out of my car; I park my car next to my scooter parking space. It was Christmas holidays and didn’t go out. Day before Christmas, it snowed for an inch. So, I was curious to see how my scooter was blanketed with snow. To my shock, I found another truck parked over there instead of my scooter and I checked around and couldn’t find my scooter. I called Police and informed them. For formality sake one Cop came to my apartment and gave me a report number and asked me to inform the insurance. Unfortunately, I don’t have theft insurance. So it is gone. I really feel bad for my lost. What to do?? I cannot buy another scooter now for various reasons… It is bad time and loosing lot of money!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Soccer 2010 Group A

South Africa:

Star Players:Watch out for talented midfield maestro “Steven Pienaar”.
Coach: Carlos Alberto Parreira, is from Brazil
Stats: South Africa have failed to make it beyond the group stages of their two previous FIFA world cup appearances. Their first appearance was in France 1998, second in 2002. This is their 3rd appearance.

Captain: Aaron Makoena (country’s most capped player)


Star Players: Veteran playmaker Cuauhtemoc Blanco. Younger team mates such as Guillermo Ochoa, Efrain Juarez, Andres Guardado and Giovani dos Santos are also in good form.

Coach: Javier Aguirre is Mexico's most successful coach of recent times.

Stats: Mexico have qualified for the FIFA world cup finals 14 times in all.
Mexico's achieved their best-ever performances in the finals as tournament hosts in 1970 and 1986, reaching the last eight on both occasions.
Captain: Rafael Marquez


Star Players: Watch out for Diego Lugano, Diego Forlán
Coach: Oscar Washington Tabarez
Stats: Uruguay will be contesting their 11th FIFA World Cup.
Uruguay hosted the inaugural FIFA World Cup finals in 1930 and went on to win the tournament after defeating Argentina 4-2 in the Final.


Star Players: Watch out for Zinedine Zidane, Fabien Barthez, Claude Makelele and Lilian Thuram
Coach: Raymond Domenech
Stats:France have appeared in 12 final tournaments, winning on home soil in 1998.
France also managed third-place finishes in 1958 and 1986, as well as fourth spot in 1982.


5 Foods that fight Cholesterol

Again, thanks to MSN for giving these tips.

Almonds: Eating a quarter cup of almonds (like 10 to 15) can lower your LDL by 4.4 percent. Almonds have good monosaturated fat. They are also high in calories.

Oatmeal: They have high levels of soluble fiber. These fiber binds to the bile acids that are the precursor to the development of cholesterol and help flush it out.

Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids or good fats are in fish. If you cannot eat fish (like me) you can switch to fish oil supplements.

Red Wine: Red wine have anti inflammatory properties that may help lower cholesterol. For men you can have 2 glasses of red wine a day and for women 1 glass. These can also be found in red grape juice and dark cocoa.

Soy: Soy can help to reduce the production of new cholesterol.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am yet to watch this movie.

I was watching a video on anti Sai Baba elements, who mainly want to propogate christianity. I am not against any religion. I am not a religionist. (I dont know if there is a term like that but I think you will understand what I mean!!).. I was again started to search about Universe and its formation. When I did a initial search, I came across an interesting article.

"Avatar's moon Pandora Could Be Real, Planet-Hunters Say"

It says that, Astronomers have spotted hundreds of Jupiter-sized objects in a range of orbits. Alpha Centauri A is a system featured in Avatar. It is a bright, nearby star very similar to our Sun. Astronomers are also hunting for red dwarf star that is closer and possibly may have life in it.

Astronomers are considering tidal locking could be a problem for red dwarfs. Tidal locking is one side of the planet would be baked in constant sunlight, while the other side would freeze in constant darkness. An exomoon in the habitable zone wouldnt face this.

This is kindling my interest to watch this movie. I will try to watch this movie asap.

One more interest to watch this movie is the Director James Cameron. I think I have seen most of his films like "The Terminator", "Aliens", "The Abyss", "Terminator 2", "True Lies", "Titanic".

To watch: Piranha 2: The Spawning


Friday, December 18, 2009

Basic Spanish

I was updating my IM tools title to "Felis Navidad" which means "Merry Christmas"!! Thought of getting some basic Spanish words and found some.

This may be a start up for persons who see this blog. You can dig into the language more in the net if you want.

Vivek said: add a "lu" sound to tamil becomes telugu

My thinking: add a "o" or "el" or "la" sound to english you get spanish (just kidding)

Now just some basic words and spanish translation:



100-cien;150-ciento cinquenta;1000-mil;1000000 un millon

money-el dinero
change - la moneda
banknote - el billete de banco
coin - la moneda
currency - la moneda
cheque - el cheque
traveller - de viaje
to cash - cobrar
bank - el banco
counter - el contado
post office - el correos
letter - una carta
parcel - un paquete
letter box un buzon
stamp - un sello
envelope - un sobre
money order - un giro postal
by air mail - por avion
postman - un a carero

English - el ingles
Mathematics - las matematicas
French - el frances
Spanish - el espanol
German - el aleman
Greek - el griego
Latin - el latin
Physics - la fisica
chemistry - la quimica
Biology - la biologia
Technology - la technologia
Woodwork - el maderaje
Art - el arte
Computing - la informatica
Music - la musica
Geography - la geografia
History - la historia
PE - la educacion fisica
Religious Education - la ensenanza religiosa

fruit Fruta
apple Manzana
orange Naranja
banana Plátano
lemon Limon
peach Melocotón
apricot Albaricoque
pear Pera
grapefruit Pomelo
melon Melón
strawberry Fresa
raspberry Frambuesa
pineapple Piña
cherry Cereza
tomato Tomate
grape Uva

drink Bebida
to drink Beber
coffee Café
tea Té
with milk Con leche
hot chocolate Chocolate caliente
orange juice Zumo de naranja
apple juice Zumo de manzana
tomato juice Zumo de tomate
pineapple juice Zumo de piña
lemonade Limonada
white wine Vino blanco
red wine Vino tinto
rosé wine Vino rosé
dry wine Vino seco
sweet wine Vino dulce
water Agua
(sparkling / still) mineral water Agua minerale (con / sin gas)
cider Sidra
beer Cerveza

salt Sal
pepper Pimienta
vinegar Vinagre
mustard Mostaza
sauce Salsa

vegetables Vegetales
green salad Ensalada verde
potato Patata
carrot Zanahoria
peas Guisantes
mushroom Champigñón
cauliflower Coliflor
green beans Habas
lettuce Lechuga
onion Cebolla
leek Puerro
cucumber Pepino
cabbage Col
garlic Ajo
radish Rábano

Thanks to

Enjoy your spanish and tell me if you learnt more!! Would be glad to know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AirPlane Info

Though, I have travelled a lot in my 15 years of overseas stay, I didn’t care to understand any flight and make and some important terminologies about it. To me so far, it was like a carrier which took me safely from one place to another of my wish with ease and to my budget.

This January 2010, I am planning a trip to India and was shopping around for a flight ticket. All ticket costs more than my allocated budget. Finally, my wife got me a ticket after long internet searching hours! It was Etihad airlines. I haven’t heard about this airline much and so initially was panicking a bit to go with this or not. (You see my life is with this airline in that day and I want to play it safe). For that, I don’t want to miss out the deal.

So I did a bit of research about the airlines and air carriers. Wow, I felt I had to learn a lot about airlines and I was thinking, why I didn’t do this research before. Anyways, here is some flight information:
Major flight manufacturers are Boeing and Airbus. (We all know this information; at least I was happy with that).

Boeing is based on USA. However, Airbus is based on France.

Some of Airbus flights are:
A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A 321, A330, A340, A350, A380

Airbus Numbering system:
The model number takes the form of the letter "A" followed by a '3', a digit, then followed normally by a '0' (except in the case of the A318, A319, A321 and A400M), e.g. A320. The succeeding three digit number represents the aircraft series, the engine manufacturer and engine version number respectively. To use an A320-200 with International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500-A1 engines as an example; the code is 2 for series 200, 3 for IAE and engine version 1, thus the aircraft number is A320-231.

Some of Boeing flights are:

737, 747, 767, 777, BBJ, 787

Boeing Numbering system:

The Boeing numbering system for commercial airliners starts with the airplane's model number, e.g. 377 followed by a dash and three digits (two numbers) following the pattern Boeing xxx-scc. In general, since the Boeing 707, the model number takes the form of a 7 followed by a digit and then by another 7, e.g. 737.
The series number is a single digit (s), e.g. -200. The following two digits number (cc) is attributed according to the company to which the aircraft was first delivered. These two digits are called Boeing customer codes. For instance, a Boeing 747-400 delivered to Malaysia Airlines would take the designation "747-4H6" while a 777-200 delivered to American Airlines would take the designation "777-223". See List of Boeing customer codes for a more complete list.

Major flight engine manufacturers are:

General Electric, CFM International, Pratt & Whitney, International Aero Engines, Rolls-Royce, Engine Alliance

Etihad airlines is based on UAE (Abu Dhabi) and was founded in 2002 and is emerging nicely. Last year alone they have transported 6 million people across the globe and it ranks in top 10. So I am convinced that this a nice airlines.

I will try to research more and get some interesting info about the flight plan and terms in the coming blogs. Visit often.

Asteroid belt

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The asteroid belt is the region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies called asteroids or minor planets. The asteroid belt region is also termed the main belt to distinguish it from other concentrations of minor planets within the Solar System, such as the Kuiper belt and scattered disc.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hindu Articles

One of my favorite writer in Hindu is Mr. V. Balasubramanian. He writes about music and musicians every friday. I have collected some and will keep adding to it.

A few of them:


Angels and Demons

Director: Ron Howard
Tom Hanks:Robert Langdon
Ewan McGregor:Camerlengo Patrick McKenna
Ayelet Zurer:Vittoria Vetra
Release Date:15 May 2009 (USA)
Genre:Mystery | Thriller
Music: Hans Zimmer
Cinematography: Salvatore Totino

On friday last week, I watched this movie (renting from redbox). My wife read the book and she was very excited to watch this move in screen. I am not a reader by nature (might have figured out based on my writings so far).

Coming to the movie, though, at the beginning I thought, I am going to get into a nice plot, it was not disappointing. The movie was nice. The only thing was, I was able to visualize what next will happen. Yes, as soon as I understood the way the writer started his plot, I started guessing this is what will happen next and he didnt disappoint me.

I was having two persons in my mind as the suspect. I am not going to reveal the names because I wont do justice to persons who havent watched it yet. (Come on for a buck and couple of hours, I tell you it is worth it to watch)However, I want to tell that I already guessed the suspect and I was right. I think, I am starting to get some Dan Brown's frequency of thought...

The movie was little slow moving but it was holding you to edge of the seat most of the time. Photography and music was good. Some scenes were really scary. You dont get that sudden jerks you usually get in thriller movies.

Overall it was a nice movie to watch. My wife also told one additional information that is in the book but not in the movie. Actually, in the story, Camerlengo is the real son of his Holiness. Since it might have created some controversy with orthodox Catholics I think, Ron Howard might have excluded it. It is my guess and I think that is a nice thing because it wont hurt the sentiments of Christians and I dont think that is necessary too. (Dont ask me what about the book readers?? probably they may be not too orthodox..) I also read some comments about users who have already read the book and watched this movie. They say the movie is not upto the mark w.r.t. the story in the book. Anyways, I liked the movie.

Friday, December 11, 2009


What is a Galaxy?
Galaxy is a collection of stars held together by their mutual galaxy. A group of billions of stars and their planets, gas, and dust that extends over many thousands of light-years and forms a unit within the universe. Held together by gravitational forces. Most of the estimated 50 billion galaxies are shaped as spirals and ellipses, with the remainder being asymmetric.
We are in Milky way galaxy and it is spiral galaxy. It has a bright central core with high density of stars and then a flattened disk surrounding it – like a spinning record. The Milky Way measures about 100,000 light-years across, and is thought to contain 200-400 billion stars. But the stars we can see are just a tiny fraction of the complete galaxy. It's also surrounded by a vast halo of dark matter. This material is invisible, and doesn't interact with regular matter or give off any kind of radiation that we can detect. But astronomers can measure its effects because it does exert a gravitational force on other matter. In fact, the Milky Way is made up of mostly dark matter. The stars account for about 580 billion solar masses, and the dark matter could be another 6 trillion solar masses.
A good example for elliptical shaped galaxy is the galaxy M87. It's thought to have 2.7 trillion stars.
Stars are collected together into galaxies. Galaxies are collected together into groups of galaxies, and these groups are collected into clusters. The largest structures in the Universe are galaxy super clusters, which contain millions of galaxies and can measure hundreds of millions of light-years across.
Did you know the moon of Pluto?
Did you know the moons of Mars?
Phobos and Deimos

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Constellation is a group of stars, that when seen from Earth, form a pattern. The stars in the sky are divided into 88 constellations.

The brightest constellation is crux. The constellation with the greatest number of visible stars in it is Centaurus (101 stars).

The largest constellation is Hydra (Water snake) which extends over 3.158% of the sky.

There are also asterisms, smaller apparent star patterns within a constellation, like the Big Dipper (in Ursa Major), the Little Dipper (in Ursa Minor), Keystone (in Hercules), and the Pleiades (in Taurus).

Constellation family:

Zodiac (12 Constellations representing the signs of the Zodiac)
The Ursa Major (10 constellations)
The Perseus (9 Constellations)
The Hercules (19 constellations)
The Orion (5 constellations)
The Heavenly Waters (9 constellations)
The Bayer group (11 constellations)
The La Caille (13 constellations)

Source + to read more please visit this site

Health and Food:

Recently I read some important foods that help us prevent cancers. This is not my information and it is a nutshell of what I read from MSN.

Blueberries, acai berries, raspberries and cranberries: Lot of berries which are rich in color helps prevents us in cancer.
Green tea: prevents breast cancer and other cancers. (2 cups a day)
Garlic: can add crushed, fresh garlic to your meals whenever possible. Nice information is waiting for 15 minutes between peeling and chopping the garlic to get full effects of active compounds. (Interesting)
Broccoli and cabbage: eating four times a week prevents prostate cancer. Try to eat cabbage, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are high in Vitamin C and soluble fiber. They also contain multiple nutrients with potent anti-cancer properties. Examples of Cruciferous vegetables are horseradish, cauliflower, turnip, mustard seeds, radish
Onions and leeks: This belong to the allium vegetables. Allium is derived from the Greek word for garlic. Shallots, leeks and chives are also member of the allium family.
Tomatoes: contains lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid without provitamin –A activity. It is red, fat-soluble pigment. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, helps neutralize harmful free radicals. Lycopenes may also be heart-protective.
Resveratrol: Red wine has this antioxidant which possesses powerful anti-cancer activity. (Drink responsibly)
Soy: Genistein, which is a phytoestrogen protects against hormone-dependent cancers. It also has several proteins. Consume about 50 grams per day such as raw fresh soybeans, dry roasted soybeans or tofu. Genistein is one of several known isoflavones.
Turmeric: contains curcumin which has lot of anti-cancer effects. Just add a teaspoon. Don’t take too much of curcumin due to its side effect.
Watercress and spinach: contains chlorophyllin that protect against bladder cancer, reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Some of the sites I regularly visit these days (other than the usual famous sites): (This guy is very cool. I like this site because he has search engine for Tamil songs) I used to do some Radio like program for myself and search the song I want and hear it. My personal radio. My kid really thought, I was doing a radio program.,category,Developer.aspx (Being a developer, I liked his blogs. Also, he gives some news about Chennai and I like that).

My collegue has shot some deep sky photos and has a site and it is very cool..


Two Recent Robbery Incidents in Chennai:

As I have said before, I am a listener of Hello FM 106.4 radio on the net. In two days, I have heard Suresh (bigil program) telling the following incidences and I thought it is worth to post it in my blog.
1) A 62 year old lady went to temple near Royapuram and when she was sitting inside the temple, another lady (kadie) sat next to her and talked like butter. Later, she offered some Veebudhi. While offering this, she has also sprayed some white powder which made the old lady faint. This kadie lady stole her chain.
2) Another lady has taken Rs. 20K from a bank and she has kept it in her bag and put the bag in the handle bar of the cycle. Then she has noticed that her front cycle has been tied with a thread. In bending to remove this thread, a robber snatched her hand bag from the handle bar and ran away.
People please be careful. Do not trust anyone!! Always be aware when you go to the bank, someone is watching you and try to be extra safe with you and your personal belongings.

World Cup Soccer 2010

This year (2010), I wanted to watch/follow as much games as possible.  I remember last World Cup.  I was able to follow-up lot of games last World cup because I was working on the Set Top Box application.

This year, I am not sure.  I am saving the group and countries that belong to each group.  I want to try and collect the updates as it is happening and posts the links here.

Group A

 South Africa     Mexico         Uruguay         France

Date               Teams                               Location

Jun. 11    South Africa vs. Mexico           Johannesburg
Jun. 11    Uruguay vs. France                  Cape Town
Jun. 16    South Africa vs. Uruguay          Pretoria
Jun. 17    France vs. Mexico                    Polokwane
Jun. 22    Mexico vs. Uruguay                  Rustenburg
Jun. 22    France vs. South Africa            Bloemfontein

Group B

  Argentina       Nigeria       South Korea      Greece

Date                    Teams                            Location

Jun. 12      Argentina vs. Nigeria               Johannesburg
Jun. 12      South Korea vs. Greece          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 17      Argentina vs. South Korea      Johaesburg
Jun. 17      Greece vs. Nigeria                  Bloemfontein
Jun. 22      Nigeria vs. South Korea         Durban
Jun. 22      Greece vs. Argentina              Polokwane

Group C

   England     United States    Algeria         Slovenia

Date                   Teams                         Location

Jun. 12           England vs. United States    Rustenburg
Jun. 13          Algeria vs. Slovenia              Polokwane
Jun. 18          Slovenia vs. United States     Johannesburg
Jun. 18          England vs. Algeria              Cape Town
Jun. 23          Slovenia vs. England            Port Elizabeth
Jun. 23          United States vs. Algeria      Pretoria

Group D

Germany           Australia       Serbia            Ghana

Date                     Teams                       Location

Jun. 13            Germany vs. Australia       Durban
Jun. 13            Serbia vs. Ghana              Pretoria
Jun. 18            Germany vs. Serbia          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 19            Ghana vs. Australia           Rustenburg
Jun. 23            Ghana vs. Germany          Johannesburg
Jun. 23            Australia vs. Serbia           Nelspruit

Group E

Netherlands    Denmark          Japan        Cameroon

Date                     Teams                                     Location

Jun. 14            Netherlands vs. Denmark            Johannesburg
Jun. 14            Japan vs. Cameroon                   Bloemfontein
Jun. 19            Netherlands vs. Japan                 Durban
Jun. 19            Cameroon vs. Denmark              Pretoria
Jun. 24            Denmark vs. Japan                     Rustenburg
Jun. 24            Cameroon vs. Netherlands         Cape Town

Group F

   Italy              Paraguay    New Zealand   Slovakia

Date                     Teams                                 Location

Jun. 14         Italy vs. Paraguay                        Cape Town
Jun. 15         New Zealand vs. Slovakia           Rustenburg
Jun. 20         Italy vs. New Zealand                  Nelspruit
Jun. 20         Slovakia vs. Paraguay                  Bloemfontein
Jun. 24         Slovakia vs. Italy                         Johannesburg
Jun. 24         Paraguay vs. New Zealand          Polokwane

Group G

   Brazil        North Korea    Ivory Coast    Portugal

Date                       Teams                                  Location

Jun. 15           Brazil vs. North Korea                  Johannesburg
Jun. 15           Ivory Coast vs. Portugal               Port Elizabeth
Jun. 20           Brazil vs. Ivory Coast                   Johannesburg
Jun. 21           Portugal vs. North Korea             Cape Town
Jun. 25           North Korea vs. Ivory Coast        Nelspruit
Jun. 25           Portugal vs. Brazil                         Durban

Group H

    Spain         Switzerland      Honduras        Chile

Date                      Teams                                       Location

Jun. 16             Honduras vs. Chile                             Nelspruit
Jun. 16             Spain vs. Switzerland                          Durban
Jun. 21             Spain vs. Honduras                            Johannesburg
Jun. 21             Chile vs. Switzerland                          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 25             Switzerland vs. Honduras                   Bloemfontein
Jun. 25             Chile vs. Spain                                   Pretoria