Friday, March 19, 2010


It was that time of the year and time got raised to an hour last sunday early morning.

My kids had a spring break for a week and they were in their uncle's house for a couple of days or more.

I adjusted all analog and digital clocks' time in my house to the correct time. I tried the house's stove time display. I tried pushing some buttons and all the time, I was able to increment/decrement the minute and not more. So I let it by not adjusting the time, thinking that I dont know how to set the hour part (expecting some sort of push button for an hour, as most of the digital system has hour and minute part and you need to click on each to adjust them)

Yesterday, my kid saw all the clocks were changed except this one. I didnt asked her to change or something. She went and tried to change. I thought to myself, I tried yesterday and couldnt figure out the right button, so why do you try?? (but didnt tell her and was closely watching what she is going to do!)

She first struggled for a couple of seconds like me. Then I thought she might leave it as it is like me. I didnt expect this. She went and started increment the minutes and after 9:59 it came to 10:00 .. dah!! why didnt I think about it.. just keep incrementing the minutes!!

Lesson learnt!! Try different ways before giving up!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balance Sheet Reading for Stocks

Especially look for liquid assets in a Balance sheet. (Liquid Assets are that can be easily converted to cash). The amount of liquid assets a company can amass ultimately determines its value. Better yet, if a company generates more liquid assets than it needs to fund its operations, it can give the excess back to shareholders in the form of dividends or share buybacks.

There are two ways to measure liquid assets. The first is terminal value -- how much the company would return to shareholders if, at some future point, it closed down all its operations and turned everything into cash. The second is tangible shareholder value -- the returns on invested capital generated by the company's operations.

The balance sheet can tell you whether a company's got enough money to keep funding growth, or whether it'll have to take on debt or issue bonds or additional stock to sustain itself. Does a company have too much of its money tied up in inventory? Is the company collecting money from its customers reasonably quickly? The balance sheet knows all.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its EDGAR website give you all sorts of balance sheet information in a company’s 10-K and 10-Q reports.

The 10-K is a toned-down, once-a-year version of a company's annual report, with more text and fewer pretty pictures; it contains the company's balance sheet for the entire fiscal year. The 10-Q is a quarterly filing that a company makes with the SEC three times a year (the fourth yearly filing is the 10-K). The 10-Q reports also track a company's balance sheet through the course of the year. Note that unlike its quarterly compatriots, the 10-K's balance sheet is double-checked by accountants before it's filed with the SEC.


How to Value Stocks?

1) Read a Balance Sheet:

2) Understand the fundamentals about the company’s business to value its shares

3) Learn to use Earnings, Revenues, Cash flow, Equity, dividend yield and subscribers to figure out how much a company is worth.

4) Return on Equity stands as a crucial weapon in the investor’s arsenal if understood properly.

5) ROE encompasses 3 main levers by which management pokes and prods the corporation – profitability, asset management and financial leverage.


Friday, March 12, 2010


Today early morning, I just was thinking about Heaven and Hell in my insomnia. It was just all of a sudden thought and no reasoning behind it. What can you expect in insomnia?? (may be anything wild).

Thinking about Heaven and Hell, what I think is, it is all in your mind. Even in a bad state if your mind says to be happy, you can and vice versa. Your mind drives you all for whatever you feel.

Good and bad act is also in your mind. To me the definition of a Good act is when both of your mind and heart is happy if you perform an action. (For ex: helping a needy person) A bad act is when either your mind or heart cannot accept an action.

Doing lot of good acts and keeping the mind under your control, stop complaining for each and every small incidence, no expectation, taking responsibility and not blaming others may help you to live in Heaven!!

May be this is what Bhagwad Gita is trying to tell!! Do your duty, don’t expect the result!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Question

Again in today's diary program, one guy has said this:

While he proposed to his girl friend, she has asked him to tell how he would have proposed to a girl who is blind, deaf and cannot speak. When he told say either yes or no, she has told him based on how he answers this question, she can understand him how he will take care of her!

Once I heard this, even though she may have cleverly avoided this guy, on the other hand, Love has become an interview process. I understand you have to go thru a series of process in selecting your partner, but will that be Love????

Assuming a person is intelligent enough and answered her question wisely and according to what she has in mind, can she marry or love that guy?? Not sure!!

Love can come instantaneously but that can go like that too..

One which slowly takes off after going thru the pluses and minuses of the other person will bond for a long relation (I think)!!

And btw, if anyone can answer her question, please let me know!! because as a developer, I can write a program for this and make my computer love me (may be!!!)

kallarayil kooda jannal ondru vaithu naan paarpenadi!!

Hm.. interesting thought..

What it means is (for persons who dont know Tamil), Lover will make a window in his graveyard and watch her..

Poor soul, no freedom for her even after death!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hollie Festival

It is my 6th year hollie festival celebration in DFW temple. Temple usually does some fund-raising during this day and I went to do some service this Sunday.

We prepared some potato vadappa. Anil bhai is so good in this, I have seen consistency in taste in his vadappa. Not a single time has flapped. I helped him with other many volunteers to prepare the potato bonda stuff that can be filled in the bread to make the vadappa. Later, I was in the stall selling.

One guy came and asked for just the bonda part. Actually a bonda was fixed for 2 tickets. This guy asked two bondas and I gave him. He gave only one ticket. I accepted it. We cannot be so rigid since it is just for non-profit!! The volunteer who was helping me asked if that guy was my friend. I told no, just giving since he wanted to eat and happy to see people eating, that’s it. Being nice to a person seems like a bad idea later because, this fellow took advantage of me and came back and asked the same deal. One more time, I was ok but again and again he came two more times. I was mad. I realized one thing; you cannot be always nice to all people. Some people deserve some “royal” treatment.

Another man came and asked how much was one vadappa and when I told him 3 tickets, he was telling the other stall was giving for 2 tickets. I would have given him for 2 tickets had he just asked for if he can get it for 2 tickets. You see, you should not compare and after all, all the money is going to the temple and I hope the temple spends the fund wisely... (Now that I am seeing lot of temples in this area, I started thinking that temple is becoming more of a business than a religious center... Anyways that is not my problem!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kadhal valarthaen song

I paid close attention to the lyrics of this song today from diary program in hello fm 106.4.

One of the stanza says, “Father’s love is only till you are born, Mother’s love is only till you grow up and only a girl friend or boy friend’s love is till the end of life”…

Come on, give me a break!! I accept you can exaggerate your lover for some poems, but never underestimate/degrad a love of the parents, for anything. I am not saying this as a parent alone but also being a loving son to my parents.

For heaven sake, please don’t write this type of lyrics.. Doesn’t feel good!!