Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash of thought

This is a strange thing but it happens to me sometimes.

I think of an incident for a few seconds and then doesnt too much concentrate on it and jumps to another topic abruptly and after some time I see that incident happening. I realise, oh, I thought about it and why I didnt give too much thinking on it!! however, if I concentrate too much that doesnt happen..

For ex: today when I was driving to work, I was a bit hungry and dont want to goto Maccee as yesterday only I went there! I was just thinking, what if someone brings some breakfast to office.. and then I forgot about it and went with the radio topic thought.

To my surprise, in our break room there were doughnuts!!

This is not the only incident however, I have had so many in my past..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How life gets affected based on recent incidents!

The recent incident about the Car bomb in Times square by a Pakistani person may affect lot of other innocent Pakistani persons.

The problem is if it affects them only, we can understand. However, being Asians, persons here in US, dont understand the difference and they brand all of us (even Indians, Hindus/Jains/Buddhist/Sikhs) and look at us in a suspicious manner.

One of my friend told about this incident recently happened to him. He was driving in a car and pulled to the curb nearby in a resident area and was looking at his iPhone for a stock update. He observed the nearby house owner looking at him in a suspicious manner and so he moved some miles away and pulled over and stopped and continued his reading. This guy has followed him. My friend again observed him and hence went to the nearby Sams club and when he came out, he saw two Police cops pulling him aside. Then he has to explain his situation and had to give his Driving license and they had to verify him and then they let him go.

We got to be even careful when we park somewhere for our personnal reasons. Now after hearing the recent incident, we got to be extra careful in whatever we do. Even, when we talk to ourselves in the public or road, we got to be careful in not being suspicious.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Handling People:

Myself and couple of my friends walk in the nearby canal usually in the evening. It is a nice canal, probably a couple of miles in circumference with ducks, gooses and turtles shaded with nice trees and bushes. Only caveat is, I get allergy due to the pesticides.

Yesterday evening, I started the chat by quoting on one of my cricket playing member (He is from IIT and IIM). He usually argues everything (which is good and bad). We have given a scorecard to the umpire to score each ball and after 5 over’s or so, when this guy asked the umpire about the score, there was an argument between them on a single run. I told my friend about this and he started talking about the psychology factor.

Some guys from great institutions (like IIT and IIM), they behave differently. They don’t accept defeat so easily and sometimes they don’t even care about their silliness behavior and fight for petty things. They also feel they are the superior creatures in this world and the rest others are worthless. My friend told this and he also cited one example. While he was travelling to US in his first job contract in H1-B, he happened to sit near a guy, whom he talked with. That guy told he is from IIT and IIM and he was travelling to US on a business visit. My friend also told him about his status. Sometime later, when my friend went out to the restroom and came back to sit in his allotted seat, the other guy (who is from IIT and IIM) has seated in his place. When my friend cited him about it, that guy had coolly ordered him to sit in his place. That guy didn’t even request or ask or anything like that. He took for granted that he can sit in my friend’s seat as he is superior compared to my friend. He also acted as if he is very superior compared to my friend and he can take his seat if he wants.

Lesson learnt is though it will be good to move with intelligent people, you got to be very careful in not losing your self-respect. Handling people is always a tough job!!!