Monday, January 25, 2010

Forrest Gump

Last week, my elder kid showed her essay written by her at school about our second kid’s arrival. She got an appreciation from her class Teacher. It was like, she kept the secret of the kid’s delivery till the end (as if something is going to happen!!) and that made the essay very interesting and curious.

The reason I wrote the above holds good to this film too. It slowly started with Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) sitting in a bus-stand and narrating his story. There was always a background talk in the whole film. However, he made me to watch the film because of some interesting and curious points. I watched it till the end to know, if he married his girl-friend (Jenny) and then later what happened to the kid. I was kind of thinking, I saw a different story.

There were couple of scenes, I liked most. One was when his girl-friend left him, he started running for no reason wearing her gift (shoes). It was crazy but I think I liked that idea. Second was Lieutenant Dan (without his legs), sitting on the top of shrimp boat and faced the storm without fear. Later, they were the only survivors of that storm. It taught me that we need to face any situation boldly rather than shy away from it.

I liked this movie overall.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another “Musical Fish” site

Hello FM 106.4 Girish, when announcing the next song is “Aagaya Vennilavae” from Arangetravelai, told the song may be based on the raagam Shanmugapriya and he wasn’t sure of it and pleaded guilty if wrong. I think he may have some girlfriend in that name and wanted to tell her name and did this trick. Whatever, be the reason, he was wrong. So I searched for the raga of this song and found out that it was “Dharbari Kannada”!! Not only found out the raga of this song but also landed on a nice site.

Wanted to keep in track so that I can keep visiting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally watched Avatar

It was a casual yes to my friend when I met him in the Pongal festival organised by the Dallas Tamil Sangam and he booked the ticket to Avatar for yesterday (Monday) morning show.

After reading the story line in the net, I kind of expected this film to be a sort of documentary. So I prepared my mind for that.

Plus: Excellent photography, beautiful setting, beautiful scenaries and my butter popcorn. A nice big tree (like our village "Aala maram" (banyan tree), beautiful greenary, nice water fall, hanging garden, nice astronaut atmosphere, huge man operated robos,high tech screens, 3d holographs, big space tankers etc were a thing of joy!!

I kind of associated the avatars to ant family.. may be because of the tree house.. When you plan to build a house and you see a ant house, and imagine you talk with ant and do you still believe, you will say hey these ants are nice and I am not going to destroy this house to build mine or who cares about ants or some other living creatures there and I need to build my house.. this kind of question was always hanging in my mind and hence I think I couldnt enjoy the story line..

Overall, a nice imagination.. I would have loved this family had it been the hero negotiated a term between the local habitants and the aliens instead of fighting with their own fellows to safe guard the other..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Universe

I do some volunteer service in the DFW temple every sunday. Not that, I dedicate my time just for it, it is because, my kid goes to some language class and I want to spend my time usefully. Since my childhood days , my family believed in Sai Baba, we used to do some Narayana seva to the beggars in temples and church and that seva mentality continued here.

Ok (enough of my self pride), coming to the point I was doing some semia payasam for 500 people, it was a big vessel in the stove and I was stirring some 12 gals of milk in the vessel along with semia, cashews, elaichi etc. While stirring the milk, I was thinking of a strange concept. It was like the whole vessel with the milk is the milky way universe and the semia, cashes, elaichi as the planets in the universe. I was stirring the milk very carefully and in a constant speed, thinking there might be an Earth inside and some Newtons and Einsteins inside calculating the gravity/relativity etc.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Astronomical sites

I got a wild dream this morning.. It is like using the Gravitational force instead of gas in driving the engine..

I am not quite sure how to do this but got this dream..

So in search of this in the net, atleast I learnt first about the V6 engines.

While searching for Gravitational force, I landed up in couple of intersting Astronomy sites.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cancelled my trip

I cannot believe, I did this. It was like the last minute call. I was allset to go and in the last minute,I was forced to cancel the trip. Though, I lost money, I felt sad. No Indian wants to cancel an India trip.

Lot of struggles and back to work..

May be in Summer, I will visit..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I like "Margazhi" Month

I am not a poet (especially Kannadasan) to say, "Madangalil aval Margazhi"!!!

However, I like this month for various reasons:

One is because, the weather is so good you wont feel hot in Chennai and down south.

Second is we can fly some kites during this time. It would be nice and I enjoyed those moments in my house terrace.

Third and important one is during every mid night, in my place, the guy who beats a peculiar instrument for death, will keep playing it in the night time around 3:30 am. It churns the stomach and gives a peculiar effect even during the sleep. The doppler effect I get because of his walking around the town was also very enjoyable.. It was kind of thrilling enjoying experience. I asked my grannys why they do this and the reason given was some bad angels and demons will be roaming around and the instrument beating will keep away from them..

There are many other reasons I enjoy Margazhi.. Miss them now (for good reasons, so no regrets)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mourning for S.I

I really feel bad for S.I Vetrivel. I am really sorry for him and his family. If it can happen to a police, it can happen to any common Indian!!!

Whatever may be the case, immediately he should have been taken to the hospital.. Questions later...

I would blame us (All Indian citizens) for these type of incidents... We dont care about the value of a human life. When it happens to us, then we realize.. As long as we are not affected, we dont care...

We speak about it for 2 days and then forget the whole incident..

As long as justice is done, this incident should still boil in all our Indian hearts..

God bless India (and America) and the S.I's family

Thursday, January 7, 2010

President Obama's Health care reform bill

My sister was asking the other day what the humbaq is all about this Health care reform bill. For her and others like me, who wants to know the basics of it, I am just gathering some of the points I found on the net.

The healthcare reform package that Obama campaign on includes the following among its most notable elements:

1) Regulation of insurance companies including preventing them from dropping people or reducing their coverage because of a pre-existing condition

2) Expansion of coverage to most of the current uninsured, primarily through expansions to Medicaid, Medicare, and other existing government programs

3) Make health insurance more affordable through a variety of cost-cutting measures within healthcare as well as subsidies and tax credits for working families

4) Require employers to provide health insurance for their employees or face a fine

5) Establishment of healthcare exchanges where (some) individuals and businesses can choose a health insurance plan from among a menu of options, increasing competition

6) Creation of a "public option", a government run health insurance program available on the exchanges

Democrats in Congress would enact a bill and it is in the draft stage. This is the Baucus bill. This bill provides all of the above except the last item.

The legislation really would:

-->Protect millions of Americans from Medical bankruptcy.
-->Insure tens of millions of people.
-->Curb the worst practices of the private insurance industry.
-->Expand Medicaid
-->Lay down out-of pocket caps.
-->Help primary care providers.
-->Make hospitals more transparent.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unbelivable loss

Yes, I am talking about the second test match between Australia and Pakistan.

I was closely observing the match details on second test match at Sydney ground.

Though Mohammed Yousuf has taken the responsibility, I think it is because of Kamran Akmal and Misbah-Ul-haq they lost this match. Kamran Akmal because he missed 3 catches, else they would have atleast tried to win. Haq has not scored.

I am sorry for Pakistan.. Man unbelivable.. Yesterday night when I saw the score before going to sleep Pakistan lost a wicket and needed 134 runs. Thought they need to play slowly and win. Osman Samiuddin in cricinfo had written you are never at the other end till the last run scored and now I believe why he wrote like that. He also said the Aussies are still believing they can win and I thought they are crazy.. Pakis made me look crazy.. I wouldnt even vouch if it were India, because once we were all together and now just borders part us...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soccer 2010 Group B

Star players: Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez, Juan Veron
Coach: Diego Maradona
Stats: Argentina has won 14 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Javier Mascherano
Star players: Obafemi Martins
Coach: Shaibu Amodu
Stats: Nigeria has won 3 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Nwankwo Kanu
Korea Republic
Star players: Park Ji-Sung, Park Chu-Young, Cho Young-Cheol
Coach: Huh Jung-Moo
Stats: Korea Republic has won 7 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Lee Young Joo
Star players: Georgios Karagounis, Theofanis Gekas
Coach: Otto Rehhagel
Stats: Greece has won 1 time FIFA World cup.
Captain: Angelos Basinas

New Year Resolutions

I have some Resolutions this year.

One is to handle my anger in a positive way. I dont want to control my anger. In life we need to have anger, liking, love etc. This is what drives us. However, trying to divert the anger in a positive way is what I will try to do this year. Havent figured out how to do but will try.

Second is to continue my last year's successful one. Yes, I had a very bad habbit and I left it last year. I am proud of that achievement. I will try to continue the same this year too..

Third is to read a book a month. Book reading is a must.

Fourth is, I started playing some music by getting musical notes from various sites in my keyboard. I have to improvise it so that I can atleast play one song fully in my keyboard. Some sites I get music notes are and

Fifth and important one is to keep away from Forex. Yes, though it was only two months, I got into it and am more getting addicted to it. I lost some money in it and after new year, I didnt play with real money. I am trying to play with only practice money. I want to keep away from it. You need to have more knowledge to play.