Wednesday, October 28, 2009

India vs Australia current series

This is the second match today (October 27, 2009) between India and Australia. First match, India lost by a meager 4 runs. Second match, currently poised to India win. With this trend, my analysis is, board of Cricket of India and Australia, wants the match wins equally shared by both the teams. So if my prediction is true, you can see a 4-3 series. Please note that this is just my theory based on my pure logic. I may be wrong but something tells me this is what might happen. Let us wait and see.

(One of the reasoning behind this, Ponting won the toss and elected to field. 90% of the time I have seen him opting to bat that too in a Day/Night match, I havent seen him electing to field.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Show of “Kamalhassan 50 years” in Vijay TV

I was watching the last couple of hours of Kamalhassan 50 years in Vijay TV, yesterday evening. Though sometimes, I asked myself what am I doing, while watching the show, I still wanted to watch till the end as I know, Kamalji and Rajniji will be giving a speech and wanted to hear them talk.
Actor Vivekji, (sorry Padmashree Vivek) wrote a poem about Kamalji. Though, I liked his poem about Kamalji, he was careful in always adding “Pamashree” in each and every representation of Kamalji. It kind of told me that, he was trying to say he also received it and he wants him to be represented that way.
Actor Partheebanji wanted to give a different kind of speech. So, I think, he selected the “Vanchapukazhchi” method. I felt it was a bit strong of a criticism. He said, why we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary for KamalJi and what he has done big to be celebrated. Though, it might have been in every one’s mind, this guy openly said it. Later, he turned the plate as if it was just “admire” than criticism. Anyways, I think lot of “Kalai” family would have mentally accepted those initial critics from Partheebanji.
Music director Illayarajaji came and also sang a song on Kamalji. Usually, Illayarajaji is not a good orator, he just used his music talent and escaped from giving a speech. I cannot forget one time, he was trying to praise “Vaaliji” on his some occasion (I forget the occasion name) and he told about the song “Sundaree, Kannal oru Sethi..Solladi innal oru sethi” and also told you don’t need a poet to write these words. Though later he realized what he was talking, tried to compensate it as a complement, it was a fun when I was watching that incident.
In between Kamalji’s daughter Shruthi sang her father’s favorite song. Prabhudevaji and his father gave a dance performance which was also very good. We can feel how Super star enjoyed it.
Later Mammottyji talked. My son was bringing a book to me and asked to read him the story and hence couldn’t listen to what Mammottyji talked. Sorry Mammottyji. I know he challenged something about Kamalji but didn’t follow it.
Then Mohanlalji’s talk was crisp. Similarly Prakashrajji, Arvindji, Arjunji, Venkateshji all came and had their praise for Kamalji.
Finally, the most awaited talk from “Super Star”. I really, really, really admire “Super star”. He is so simplistic, he gave multiple incidences of his friendship towards Kamalji. Hats-off to you “Super star”.
He pointed that, it was not necessary for Kamalji to include him in some of the initial movies (during 1975 time period) Kamalji was acting, and still he wanted Super star to be included. Also, he told, later Kamalji asked him to act alone because he needs to get his own identity. The highlight was how movie “Endiran” was tailor-made for “Kamalji” and for various reasons it came to Super Star. He also told Shankarji not to expect the same performance of “Kamalji”. It requires guts and power to say these things. I believe, that is why you are a Super star. Again Hats-off.
Last but not the least, Kamalji came and gave his part of the speech. He appreciated Super star and also praised their friendship. He was talking about his belief more towards the community than God. I felt, he was careful in not hurting the people who believe in God. Whatever he spoke made sense to me. I don’t know if I was in Kamalji’s shoes what I would have said, but whatever, he told, made me think that I did spent my time for a good person.
Overall, it was a nice evening and I enjoyed that show. Thanks to Vijay TV for casting it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Indian Police Cop

On Deepavali day of this year (17th October 2009), though it was like another day for us in USA, in the evening we went to a fair organized by the Irving County. This fair was completely free. I need to say something we like and enjoy the most in USA, especially in Irving, TX. It has so many beautiful parks. It has lot of recreational activity centers and most of the parks have these. All parks are meticulously planned for various activities.

Ok coming to the fair, It had lot of activities like a small train ride for the kids along the lake, lot of jumping activities, sliding activities, balloon riding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, face painting, magic shows, circus shows etc activities. It was a good evening for the kids.

My main intention of this blog was not to just stop with the fun activities alone but to share an important event that happened that I thought lot of our Indian policeman and Government civilians can/should follow. There was a long queue for hot dogs (America is famous for its hot dogs) and I saw a Police Cop, who was standing in the line and lastly purchasing the hot dog, giving money to the vendor. Though, I am used to this kind of events here, my memory just flashed a thought of the same event happening in India. When I shared this with my friend, he told you should blog and you should have captured a picture of it also. Even though, I missed to capture the image, I wanted to blog.

Will our Police cop stand in a queue (of course with his uniform on) and buy a food or any other thing for that matter?

Though, we cannot blame all Indian Police cop for that, but majority of Indian Police cops doesn’t do that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After seeining "Neeya Naana" (Vijay TV program) about ghost in a TN Village,I was thinking of ghost and wondering how an ordinary man can see a ghost in this world?
Some of us believe Spirit (Aathma) is inside our body and that spirit leaves this body when we die. Some spirits wanders in space inside earth’s atmosphere for various reasons. Assuming this is true, a spirit that is wandering in the air (or as air), how can it visualize the happenings in earth? Our science (sixth sense) says that in order to activate our body, we need all organs (brain, face, eyes, nose, ears, tissues, muscles, bones, blood, hands, legs etc.) of our body, functioning properly. So how can a spirit which acts like a wind in our case (I am associating to wind because we can only feel it and cannot see it) can see an activity or keep in its memory / mind, an event that happened when it was inside a particular human body and try to take revenge or something like that (most cases we believe ghosts are here because they have not full-filled some of their revenge).
When I was thinking the spirit as wind, I have seen sometimes winds acting fiercely destroying lot of objects. So I was wondering, if the winds can destroy (for whatever reasons), why can’t a spirit destroy some humans? Those fierce winds have some scientific theory in it for acting like that. However, I cannot or correlate any theory for these spirits (at least that is me).
I have also read in Science that we cannot see lights beyond certain wavelength and our ears can hear only certain frequencies. So something beyond our imaginations/vision should/can happen for the spirits.
I was also wondering some kids are born as child prodigy on certain fields. How can this be possible? Though one theory to relate this to our genes, it can also be associated with spirits. can it be??? May be a person who was very good in a particular field died, can be reborn as a grand kid and get those skills by birth. Again, there needs a storage medium for the talents, between births. Still possible ????? Or maybe the gene theory works much better?
We cannot easily prove that spirits are roaming around or not. It is the same old question that will remain for years to come. Some who believes will argue it is there and some don’t.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indian Citizen

Top 10 mandatory qualifications needed for an Indian Citizen
I was thinking of the important qualifications that are mainly needed for an Indian Citizen. Me and my close friend circle, though all NRI’s currently, will always keep talking about what is necessary for India to improve. One of the concerns we talked about was the huge human population (a known fact). Though human population is advantageous in certain ways, it is disadvantageous in other ways. I thought about and am writing my thoughts on the important (by me) qualifications that are needed for an average Indian citizen.
1) All Indian male/female should undergo one year of mandatory military training/discipline. There should be no exception to this.
2) All Politicians should need some basic qualification like 10th plus (a college dedicated to political) training and in that they should have attended a year and earn a diploma. Not even a small case against him/her
3) Politicians can be in the rule for a period of 2 terms and not more than that.
4) No blood relation can come to power at least for the next term or be in power simultaneously.
5) For some years till it gets into the blood of every citizen, there should be some very strict traffic discipline enforced.
6) Similar should be enforced for all Government servants. They should be given enough salary so that they don’t get bribes.
7) Ethics needs to be taught right from childhood.
8) Law should be enforced and people who are in public services especially who are in Law and Order needs to be ethical and correct and force it on other fellow civilians and respect them.
9) There should be no case that can be in the court for more than 6 months. Similarly any Government case should not be pending not more than 90 days and even with a valid reason cannot exceed more than 180 days
10) Every job needs a minimum rate/hour fixed and should be given the same rate for any person under any circumstances.
I hope there are so many thoughts that can be refined and followed. In case you have more please post it in your comment.