Monday, December 28, 2009

Lost my Scooter

I usually park my scooter in my apartment complex parking space. Since it is very cold during November to March, I don’t use my scooter much. So it was parked wherever I left. I usually notice my scooter every time I get out of my car; I park my car next to my scooter parking space. It was Christmas holidays and didn’t go out. Day before Christmas, it snowed for an inch. So, I was curious to see how my scooter was blanketed with snow. To my shock, I found another truck parked over there instead of my scooter and I checked around and couldn’t find my scooter. I called Police and informed them. For formality sake one Cop came to my apartment and gave me a report number and asked me to inform the insurance. Unfortunately, I don’t have theft insurance. So it is gone. I really feel bad for my lost. What to do?? I cannot buy another scooter now for various reasons… It is bad time and loosing lot of money!!!!

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