Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After seeining "Neeya Naana" (Vijay TV program) about ghost in a TN Village,I was thinking of ghost and wondering how an ordinary man can see a ghost in this world?
Some of us believe Spirit (Aathma) is inside our body and that spirit leaves this body when we die. Some spirits wanders in space inside earth’s atmosphere for various reasons. Assuming this is true, a spirit that is wandering in the air (or as air), how can it visualize the happenings in earth? Our science (sixth sense) says that in order to activate our body, we need all organs (brain, face, eyes, nose, ears, tissues, muscles, bones, blood, hands, legs etc.) of our body, functioning properly. So how can a spirit which acts like a wind in our case (I am associating to wind because we can only feel it and cannot see it) can see an activity or keep in its memory / mind, an event that happened when it was inside a particular human body and try to take revenge or something like that (most cases we believe ghosts are here because they have not full-filled some of their revenge).
When I was thinking the spirit as wind, I have seen sometimes winds acting fiercely destroying lot of objects. So I was wondering, if the winds can destroy (for whatever reasons), why can’t a spirit destroy some humans? Those fierce winds have some scientific theory in it for acting like that. However, I cannot or correlate any theory for these spirits (at least that is me).
I have also read in Science that we cannot see lights beyond certain wavelength and our ears can hear only certain frequencies. So something beyond our imaginations/vision should/can happen for the spirits.
I was also wondering some kids are born as child prodigy on certain fields. How can this be possible? Though one theory to relate this to our genes, it can also be associated with spirits. can it be??? May be a person who was very good in a particular field died, can be reborn as a grand kid and get those skills by birth. Again, there needs a storage medium for the talents, between births. Still possible ????? Or maybe the gene theory works much better?
We cannot easily prove that spirits are roaming around or not. It is the same old question that will remain for years to come. Some who believes will argue it is there and some don’t.

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