Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Indian Citizen

Top 10 mandatory qualifications needed for an Indian Citizen
I was thinking of the important qualifications that are mainly needed for an Indian Citizen. Me and my close friend circle, though all NRI’s currently, will always keep talking about what is necessary for India to improve. One of the concerns we talked about was the huge human population (a known fact). Though human population is advantageous in certain ways, it is disadvantageous in other ways. I thought about and am writing my thoughts on the important (by me) qualifications that are needed for an average Indian citizen.
1) All Indian male/female should undergo one year of mandatory military training/discipline. There should be no exception to this.
2) All Politicians should need some basic qualification like 10th plus (a college dedicated to political) training and in that they should have attended a year and earn a diploma. Not even a small case against him/her
3) Politicians can be in the rule for a period of 2 terms and not more than that.
4) No blood relation can come to power at least for the next term or be in power simultaneously.
5) For some years till it gets into the blood of every citizen, there should be some very strict traffic discipline enforced.
6) Similar should be enforced for all Government servants. They should be given enough salary so that they don’t get bribes.
7) Ethics needs to be taught right from childhood.
8) Law should be enforced and people who are in public services especially who are in Law and Order needs to be ethical and correct and force it on other fellow civilians and respect them.
9) There should be no case that can be in the court for more than 6 months. Similarly any Government case should not be pending not more than 90 days and even with a valid reason cannot exceed more than 180 days
10) Every job needs a minimum rate/hour fixed and should be given the same rate for any person under any circumstances.
I hope there are so many thoughts that can be refined and followed. In case you have more please post it in your comment.

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