Monday, October 19, 2009

Indian Police Cop

On Deepavali day of this year (17th October 2009), though it was like another day for us in USA, in the evening we went to a fair organized by the Irving County. This fair was completely free. I need to say something we like and enjoy the most in USA, especially in Irving, TX. It has so many beautiful parks. It has lot of recreational activity centers and most of the parks have these. All parks are meticulously planned for various activities.

Ok coming to the fair, It had lot of activities like a small train ride for the kids along the lake, lot of jumping activities, sliding activities, balloon riding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, face painting, magic shows, circus shows etc activities. It was a good evening for the kids.

My main intention of this blog was not to just stop with the fun activities alone but to share an important event that happened that I thought lot of our Indian policeman and Government civilians can/should follow. There was a long queue for hot dogs (America is famous for its hot dogs) and I saw a Police Cop, who was standing in the line and lastly purchasing the hot dog, giving money to the vendor. Though, I am used to this kind of events here, my memory just flashed a thought of the same event happening in India. When I shared this with my friend, he told you should blog and you should have captured a picture of it also. Even though, I missed to capture the image, I wanted to blog.

Will our Police cop stand in a queue (of course with his uniform on) and buy a food or any other thing for that matter?

Though, we cannot blame all Indian Police cop for that, but majority of Indian Police cops doesn’t do that.

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  1. I believe a person with high self-esteem will NOT get corrupt.

    If Indian Goverment can include a training program to improve the self-esteem of every goverment department employees, I hope we can see more people standing in the line.