Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Show of “Kamalhassan 50 years” in Vijay TV

I was watching the last couple of hours of Kamalhassan 50 years in Vijay TV, yesterday evening. Though sometimes, I asked myself what am I doing, while watching the show, I still wanted to watch till the end as I know, Kamalji and Rajniji will be giving a speech and wanted to hear them talk.
Actor Vivekji, (sorry Padmashree Vivek) wrote a poem about Kamalji. Though, I liked his poem about Kamalji, he was careful in always adding “Pamashree” in each and every representation of Kamalji. It kind of told me that, he was trying to say he also received it and he wants him to be represented that way.
Actor Partheebanji wanted to give a different kind of speech. So, I think, he selected the “Vanchapukazhchi” method. I felt it was a bit strong of a criticism. He said, why we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary for KamalJi and what he has done big to be celebrated. Though, it might have been in every one’s mind, this guy openly said it. Later, he turned the plate as if it was just “admire” than criticism. Anyways, I think lot of “Kalai” family would have mentally accepted those initial critics from Partheebanji.
Music director Illayarajaji came and also sang a song on Kamalji. Usually, Illayarajaji is not a good orator, he just used his music talent and escaped from giving a speech. I cannot forget one time, he was trying to praise “Vaaliji” on his some occasion (I forget the occasion name) and he told about the song “Sundaree, Kannal oru Sethi..Solladi innal oru sethi” and also told you don’t need a poet to write these words. Though later he realized what he was talking, tried to compensate it as a complement, it was a fun when I was watching that incident.
In between Kamalji’s daughter Shruthi sang her father’s favorite song. Prabhudevaji and his father gave a dance performance which was also very good. We can feel how Super star enjoyed it.
Later Mammottyji talked. My son was bringing a book to me and asked to read him the story and hence couldn’t listen to what Mammottyji talked. Sorry Mammottyji. I know he challenged something about Kamalji but didn’t follow it.
Then Mohanlalji’s talk was crisp. Similarly Prakashrajji, Arvindji, Arjunji, Venkateshji all came and had their praise for Kamalji.
Finally, the most awaited talk from “Super Star”. I really, really, really admire “Super star”. He is so simplistic, he gave multiple incidences of his friendship towards Kamalji. Hats-off to you “Super star”.
He pointed that, it was not necessary for Kamalji to include him in some of the initial movies (during 1975 time period) Kamalji was acting, and still he wanted Super star to be included. Also, he told, later Kamalji asked him to act alone because he needs to get his own identity. The highlight was how movie “Endiran” was tailor-made for “Kamalji” and for various reasons it came to Super Star. He also told Shankarji not to expect the same performance of “Kamalji”. It requires guts and power to say these things. I believe, that is why you are a Super star. Again Hats-off.
Last but not the least, Kamalji came and gave his part of the speech. He appreciated Super star and also praised their friendship. He was talking about his belief more towards the community than God. I felt, he was careful in not hurting the people who believe in God. Whatever he spoke made sense to me. I don’t know if I was in Kamalji’s shoes what I would have said, but whatever, he told, made me think that I did spent my time for a good person.
Overall, it was a nice evening and I enjoyed that show. Thanks to Vijay TV for casting it.

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  1. Good recap! I would avoid the suffix "ji" to these folks. Not out of disrespect,but it because it takes too much to read it every time, and also because we're not natural at it. Great article!