Friday, November 6, 2009

Aval thantha Uravu

When you read the title, you may feel I am going to talk about "Adults only" stuff..   Sorry.. It is pure G stuff..

My house in Trichy (I love that house still now), is in the end of street.  After the small street, the next house continues.  That house was owned by a film distributor company at that time.  I think they owned this "Title" movie.. I dont know .. However, they had this Titled banner displayed in the front of the house.  You know how, it was like 2 feet height x 10 feet wide printed in Tamil alphabets with "jigna" (very colorful).  The reason I describe this banner is because that is the highlight of this blog. 

A person walking down that road, cannot miss this banner's visibility.  Ok I think I have enough described about this banner.

When I was studying like 9th standard (Padichayanu kekaatheenga :) ), I have seen this maths teacher daily passing this street. 

It so happened he taught me Maths during 10th standard.  In the first class he asked me, where is my house.  I got excited.  I should have just said my address and kept quite.  Since, I have seen him passing that street daily, I thought, he might have noticed this banner and gave him this "titled" banner reference with description like "jigna".  Truly, (believe me), I was not aware of the other meaning in this title.  I am so small to understand the other meaning at that time.

This teacher went and told other teachers too and everyone started making fun about me on that.  Even in 11th and 12th my Maths teacher when he is too happy, he will say the titled and make fun.  I was not understanding at those times why they are laughing for this... 

Hmmm.... I dont mean to make bad of my teachers.... may be it might have been fun had I really meant it with meanings known to me..............

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