Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Belief in God got strengthened

I should say I am a kind of selfish guy. Yes, when I was in trouble (deep), I usually pray to my favorite God “Perumaal”. 99% of the time, he has answered my prayers. Only one big prayer wish is pending and still!!
Anyways, coming to the point of my selfishness, in this couple of years (2007-2009), I should say, I was in a comfortable state, meaning, I didn’t have any prayers. So I started questioning about God’s presence or whatever... My friend told, since I am currently undergoing 7.5 naatan (Sani), my period of 07-09 was good as I am undergoing “Pongu Sani”. May be that also added and I was arguing to myself God’s presence. What selfishness?? Humans (at least me) when they undergo some pain only they think of God... Otherwise, they think they are smart enough to question God’s presence...
When my Dad had a massive heart attack on October 31, 09, after 4 days, still didn’t pray much, yesterday night, when I called my sister and she was telling the variation about his ECG and pressure, I did my deep prayer and yes he answered me.. You won’t believe, I woke up at 2:30 am and India time 2:00 Pm called her and Doctor has told her that he has recovered and nothing to worry and he will be soon moved from ICU to a separate ward.
What a relief … Now that I should not question about God’s presence, I wanted to put it in my blog and read it all the time when I become arrogant...
Thank you “Perumaal”

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