Thursday, November 5, 2009


I used to find words that I feel are new to me and save it in word document. Since, I do this at work, home, laptop etc., I miss all the words I have saved so far. So I thought, I will blog it so that I keep updating this post with words.

Nimble:  lively, quick, agile, lissome
Progeny:  offspring, young, descendants
Comprehensible: understandable, clear, logical, intelligible, lucid, graspable
Austerity: severity, strictness, sternness, graveness, soberness
Rein: bridle, restraint, harness, leash, lead, strap, restriction
Obfuscate: confuse, disguise, conceal, complicate
Scruple: misgiving, doubt, qualm, compunction, hesitation, regret
Obscurity: darkness, dimness, shadows, gloom, murkiness
Dearth: lack, shortage, drought
Rudimentary: basic, elementary, simple
Encumbrance: burden, load, hindrance, nuisance, impediment
Vendettas: feud, blood feud, quarrel, dispute, grudge, revenge
Dexterity: deftness, adroitness, agility, nimbleness
Philanthropy: charity, compassion, patronage, humanity, generosity
Elixir sweetened drug
Vitriolic: spiteful, venomous, hurtful
Diatribe: attack, tirade, rant
Notorious: infamous, disreputable, dishonorable, tarnished
Swanky: posh, swank, ritzy, classy, glamorous, high-class, chick, upscale
Dorm: dormitory, room with many beds, building where students live
Scrambles: mix up, mess up, and jumble
Delegate: hand over, give, allot, entrust
Piques: interest, attract, intrigue, stimulate, arouse, grab, awake
Disguise: mask, costume, camouflage, masquerade, cover, cloak
Artifact: relic, object, work of art, piece
Collegiate: cloistered, idealistic, unworldly, naïve, removed
Ramble: walk, hike, stroll, wander
Sonnet: verse, rhyme, ode, elegy, limerick, couplet, epic
Hog: control, dominate, take over, corner the market
Loathe: hate, dislike, detest, despise, abhor, abominate
Loath: unwilling, reluctant, not keen, wary, chary, against, opposed
Meticulous: careful, thorough, particular, fussy
Grapple: wrestle, struggle, fight, tackle, seize, snatch, grab
Sermon: lecture, oration, talk, homily, discourse, address
Fawn: brown, beige, taupe, tan, buff
Cogent: convincing, strong, logical, rational
Sublime: inspiring, uplifting, moving, transcendent, and magnificent
Unpalatable: inedible, indigestible, disgusting, revolting, foul-tasting, unpleasant, nasty, bad
Exodus: mass departure, migration, emigration, flight, evacuation
Plummet: fall, plunge, drop, dive, tumble
Pinnacle: summit, peak, height, top, apex
Gesture: sign, motion
Lurk: prowl, lie in wait, loiter, hang about, skulk
Svelte: slim, slender, graceful, lithe, willowy, sylphlike
Nefarious wicked, evil, despicable, immoral, reprehensible, disreputable
Invigorated refreshed, revitalized, re-energized, revived, rejuvenated
Whopper monster, giant, whale, elephant
Estranged alienated, separated, not speaking, at odds, divided
Conciliatory appeasing, peace-making, pacifying, assuaging, mollifying
Hoard save, store, amass, stockpile, accumulate, collect, gather
Dud failure, flop, fiasco, washout, letdown, disappointment
Whet sharpen, hone, file, grind
Insatiable voracious, greedy, avid, ravenous
Rein bridle, restraint, harness, leash, lead, strap, restriction
Dire terrible, awful, calamitous, ominous, dreadful, horrible
Stymied thwarted, foiled, blocked, obstructed, hindered
Frivolous playful, frolicsome, perky
Whine complain, moan, bleat, whimper, gripe
Nebulous vague, imprecise, hazy, unformulated
Subjugation defeat, overthrow, suppression, conquest
Deluged flood, inundation, torrent, overflow, surge, cascade
Delude deceive, cheat, mislead, fool
Scant slight, limited, negligible, little, scarce
Morbid dark, gloomy, moody, morose
Cringe recoil, wince, flinch, shrink, shy away, cower
Throbbing sore, tender, aching, raw, excruciating, hurting, agonizing, burning
Preposterous ridiculous, outrageous, unbelievable, absurd, silly
Passion fervor, ardor, obsession, infatuation, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, craze, delight
Efficacious effective, efficient, effectual, successful
Pare peel, skin, strip, trim, prepare
Nurture care for, look after, take care of, raise, rear, foster
Tutelage auspices, sponsorship, guidance, protection, support
Deceptive misleading, illusory, deceiving, unreliable
Probe search, investigate, explore, look into, check out, query, survey, prod, poke about
Ludicrous absurd, ridiculous, preposterous, nonsensical, comical
Benign kind, caring, kindly, gentle
Dexterity deftness, handiness, agility, adroitness
Relinquish give up, surrender, hand over, abandon, renounce, resign, bow out
Discern distinguish, separate, tell the difference, discriminate
Etiquette manners, good manners, protocol, custom, propriety, decorum
Perplex confuse, baffle, stump, puzzle, stupefy, floor
Swivel spin, rotate, revolve, pivot, turn around, twist, twirl, wheel
Delinquent criminal, aberrant, antisocial, offending, felonious, wrong
Edifice structure, construction, house, shop
Slew veer,swing,slide,skid,swerve
Squeamish delicate, prudish, particular
Xenophobic Chauvinistic, intolerant, racist
Volatile unstable, unpredictable, explosive, impulsive
Surge rush, flow, pour, gush
Perseverance insistence, firmness, resolve, determination
Oeuvre composition, opus, work, piece
Revelry festivities, revels, celebrations, carousing
Ruckus commotion, disturbance, rumpus, riot, uproar
Croon chant, drone, sing, utter, say
Unrequited unanswered, unreciprocated, unreturned
Repartee banter, jousting, wordplay
Quaint old-fashioned, old-world, charming, pretty, attractive, appealing
Guileless frank, candid, ingenuous, straightforward, open, honest
Revel drink, party
Spoof send-up, burlesque, parody, take-off, satire, skit
Lucid clear, logical, coherent, cogent, reasoned, plain, simple
Protagonist character, hero, leading role

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