Monday, November 16, 2009

When time is bad..

Last Friday, one of my friend (I know this guy and I cant believe he will go cheap as like stealing..) was in deep trouble.. He was arrested for a petty theft case for which he was not responsible (atleast to my knowledge, I am not aware of what actually happened)..

Friday afternoon he was arrested.. No one knew till late evening. Police didn’t let him go. Next day he was taken to a court and the Judge bailed him for 500$ bond. However, still Police didnt want to let him go as they need to do immigration background check. He is a GC holder and still they don’t want to let him go and he spent the whole Saturday and Sunday in jail. Here, when you give your SSN, you get the history of a person and still they dont wanted to do immigration check immediately.  He had to wait till Monday. I feel bad for him as it is not worth it to spend 3 days of jail (don’t know yet he is still released or not ) for a small petty theft case (again not sure he is 100% responsible and what the case is about)

When time is bad, you dont how it will drag you to unthinkable scenarios!!!

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