Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make an action thriller story

Yesterday when I was surfing the net and reading some Indian News paper, I got the following topics.. If you have some nice imagination, you can make a nice action story out of it. The headlines are as follows:

Bhaba Atomic Research Center in Mumbai Fire accident - 2 Junior Scientists killed (may be we can think of something like they found out and the higher authorities killed them.. or they are the terrorists and the higher authorities doesnt want to leak them out and hence killed them.. We have to link the other headlines and make a nice story)

Lunar and Solar eclipse can be seen in India (You can link some scientific fiction based on the eclipse and associate with the above story)

New Year 2010 (bring in some horrific sentiments during new year time)

Terrorist activity in Gujarat Indian border and a Human bomb was discovered (This can be nicely associated with the first headline)

NT Thiwari Sex incident

Telengana problem

India's climatic change

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