Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Recent Robbery Incidents in Chennai:

As I have said before, I am a listener of Hello FM 106.4 radio on the net. In two days, I have heard Suresh (bigil program) telling the following incidences and I thought it is worth to post it in my blog.
1) A 62 year old lady went to temple near Royapuram and when she was sitting inside the temple, another lady (kadie) sat next to her and talked like butter. Later, she offered some Veebudhi. While offering this, she has also sprayed some white powder which made the old lady faint. This kadie lady stole her chain.
2) Another lady has taken Rs. 20K from a bank and she has kept it in her bag and put the bag in the handle bar of the cycle. Then she has noticed that her front cycle has been tied with a thread. In bending to remove this thread, a robber snatched her hand bag from the handle bar and ran away.
People please be careful. Do not trust anyone!! Always be aware when you go to the bank, someone is watching you and try to be extra safe with you and your personal belongings.

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