Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Soccer 2010

This year (2010), I wanted to watch/follow as much games as possible.  I remember last World Cup.  I was able to follow-up lot of games last World cup because I was working on the Set Top Box application.

This year, I am not sure.  I am saving the group and countries that belong to each group.  I want to try and collect the updates as it is happening and posts the links here.

Group A

 South Africa     Mexico         Uruguay         France

Date               Teams                               Location

Jun. 11    South Africa vs. Mexico           Johannesburg
Jun. 11    Uruguay vs. France                  Cape Town
Jun. 16    South Africa vs. Uruguay          Pretoria
Jun. 17    France vs. Mexico                    Polokwane
Jun. 22    Mexico vs. Uruguay                  Rustenburg
Jun. 22    France vs. South Africa            Bloemfontein

Group B

  Argentina       Nigeria       South Korea      Greece

Date                    Teams                            Location

Jun. 12      Argentina vs. Nigeria               Johannesburg
Jun. 12      South Korea vs. Greece          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 17      Argentina vs. South Korea      Johaesburg
Jun. 17      Greece vs. Nigeria                  Bloemfontein
Jun. 22      Nigeria vs. South Korea         Durban
Jun. 22      Greece vs. Argentina              Polokwane

Group C

   England     United States    Algeria         Slovenia

Date                   Teams                         Location

Jun. 12           England vs. United States    Rustenburg
Jun. 13          Algeria vs. Slovenia              Polokwane
Jun. 18          Slovenia vs. United States     Johannesburg
Jun. 18          England vs. Algeria              Cape Town
Jun. 23          Slovenia vs. England            Port Elizabeth
Jun. 23          United States vs. Algeria      Pretoria

Group D

Germany           Australia       Serbia            Ghana

Date                     Teams                       Location

Jun. 13            Germany vs. Australia       Durban
Jun. 13            Serbia vs. Ghana              Pretoria
Jun. 18            Germany vs. Serbia          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 19            Ghana vs. Australia           Rustenburg
Jun. 23            Ghana vs. Germany          Johannesburg
Jun. 23            Australia vs. Serbia           Nelspruit

Group E

Netherlands    Denmark          Japan        Cameroon

Date                     Teams                                     Location

Jun. 14            Netherlands vs. Denmark            Johannesburg
Jun. 14            Japan vs. Cameroon                   Bloemfontein
Jun. 19            Netherlands vs. Japan                 Durban
Jun. 19            Cameroon vs. Denmark              Pretoria
Jun. 24            Denmark vs. Japan                     Rustenburg
Jun. 24            Cameroon vs. Netherlands         Cape Town

Group F

   Italy              Paraguay    New Zealand   Slovakia

Date                     Teams                                 Location

Jun. 14         Italy vs. Paraguay                        Cape Town
Jun. 15         New Zealand vs. Slovakia           Rustenburg
Jun. 20         Italy vs. New Zealand                  Nelspruit
Jun. 20         Slovakia vs. Paraguay                  Bloemfontein
Jun. 24         Slovakia vs. Italy                         Johannesburg
Jun. 24         Paraguay vs. New Zealand          Polokwane

Group G

   Brazil        North Korea    Ivory Coast    Portugal

Date                       Teams                                  Location

Jun. 15           Brazil vs. North Korea                  Johannesburg
Jun. 15           Ivory Coast vs. Portugal               Port Elizabeth
Jun. 20           Brazil vs. Ivory Coast                   Johannesburg
Jun. 21           Portugal vs. North Korea             Cape Town
Jun. 25           North Korea vs. Ivory Coast        Nelspruit
Jun. 25           Portugal vs. Brazil                         Durban

Group H

    Spain         Switzerland      Honduras        Chile

Date                      Teams                                       Location

Jun. 16             Honduras vs. Chile                             Nelspruit
Jun. 16             Spain vs. Switzerland                          Durban
Jun. 21             Spain vs. Honduras                            Johannesburg
Jun. 21             Chile vs. Switzerland                          Port Elizabeth
Jun. 25             Switzerland vs. Honduras                   Bloemfontein
Jun. 25             Chile vs. Spain                                   Pretoria

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