Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally watched Avatar

It was a casual yes to my friend when I met him in the Pongal festival organised by the Dallas Tamil Sangam and he booked the ticket to Avatar for yesterday (Monday) morning show.

After reading the story line in the net, I kind of expected this film to be a sort of documentary. So I prepared my mind for that.

Plus: Excellent photography, beautiful setting, beautiful scenaries and my butter popcorn. A nice big tree (like our village "Aala maram" (banyan tree), beautiful greenary, nice water fall, hanging garden, nice astronaut atmosphere, huge man operated robos,high tech screens, 3d holographs, big space tankers etc were a thing of joy!!

I kind of associated the avatars to ant family.. may be because of the tree house.. When you plan to build a house and you see a ant house, and imagine you talk with ant and do you still believe, you will say hey these ants are nice and I am not going to destroy this house to build mine or who cares about ants or some other living creatures there and I need to build my house.. this kind of question was always hanging in my mind and hence I think I couldnt enjoy the story line..

Overall, a nice imagination.. I would have loved this family had it been the hero negotiated a term between the local habitants and the aliens instead of fighting with their own fellows to safe guard the other..

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