Monday, January 25, 2010

Forrest Gump

Last week, my elder kid showed her essay written by her at school about our second kid’s arrival. She got an appreciation from her class Teacher. It was like, she kept the secret of the kid’s delivery till the end (as if something is going to happen!!) and that made the essay very interesting and curious.

The reason I wrote the above holds good to this film too. It slowly started with Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) sitting in a bus-stand and narrating his story. There was always a background talk in the whole film. However, he made me to watch the film because of some interesting and curious points. I watched it till the end to know, if he married his girl-friend (Jenny) and then later what happened to the kid. I was kind of thinking, I saw a different story.

There were couple of scenes, I liked most. One was when his girl-friend left him, he started running for no reason wearing her gift (shoes). It was crazy but I think I liked that idea. Second was Lieutenant Dan (without his legs), sitting on the top of shrimp boat and faced the storm without fear. Later, they were the only survivors of that storm. It taught me that we need to face any situation boldly rather than shy away from it.

I liked this movie overall.

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