Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Universe

I do some volunteer service in the DFW temple every sunday. Not that, I dedicate my time just for it, it is because, my kid goes to some language class and I want to spend my time usefully. Since my childhood days , my family believed in Sai Baba, we used to do some Narayana seva to the beggars in temples and church and that seva mentality continued here.

Ok (enough of my self pride), coming to the point I was doing some semia payasam for 500 people, it was a big vessel in the stove and I was stirring some 12 gals of milk in the vessel along with semia, cashews, elaichi etc. While stirring the milk, I was thinking of a strange concept. It was like the whole vessel with the milk is the milky way universe and the semia, cashes, elaichi as the planets in the universe. I was stirring the milk very carefully and in a constant speed, thinking there might be an Earth inside and some Newtons and Einsteins inside calculating the gravity/relativity etc.

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