Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I have some Resolutions this year.

One is to handle my anger in a positive way. I dont want to control my anger. In life we need to have anger, liking, love etc. This is what drives us. However, trying to divert the anger in a positive way is what I will try to do this year. Havent figured out how to do but will try.

Second is to continue my last year's successful one. Yes, I had a very bad habbit and I left it last year. I am proud of that achievement. I will try to continue the same this year too..

Third is to read a book a month. Book reading is a must.

Fourth is, I started playing some music by getting musical notes from various sites in my keyboard. I have to improvise it so that I can atleast play one song fully in my keyboard. Some sites I get music notes are http://www.tfmpage.com/ and http://keylessonline.com/

Fifth and important one is to keep away from Forex. Yes, though it was only two months, I got into it and am more getting addicted to it. I lost some money in it and after new year, I didnt play with real money. I am trying to play with only practice money. I want to keep away from it. You need to have more knowledge to play.

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