Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unbelivable loss

Yes, I am talking about the second test match between Australia and Pakistan.

I was closely observing the match details on second test match at Sydney ground.

Though Mohammed Yousuf has taken the responsibility, I think it is because of Kamran Akmal and Misbah-Ul-haq they lost this match. Kamran Akmal because he missed 3 catches, else they would have atleast tried to win. Haq has not scored.

I am sorry for Pakistan.. Man unbelivable.. Yesterday night when I saw the score before going to sleep Pakistan lost a wicket and needed 134 runs. Thought they need to play slowly and win. Osman Samiuddin in cricinfo had written you are never at the other end till the last run scored and now I believe why he wrote like that. He also said the Aussies are still believing they can win and I thought they are crazy.. Pakis made me look crazy.. I wouldnt even vouch if it were India, because once we were all together and now just borders part us...

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