Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I like "Margazhi" Month

I am not a poet (especially Kannadasan) to say, "Madangalil aval Margazhi"!!!

However, I like this month for various reasons:

One is because, the weather is so good you wont feel hot in Chennai and down south.

Second is we can fly some kites during this time. It would be nice and I enjoyed those moments in my house terrace.

Third and important one is during every mid night, in my place, the guy who beats a peculiar instrument for death, will keep playing it in the night time around 3:30 am. It churns the stomach and gives a peculiar effect even during the sleep. The doppler effect I get because of his walking around the town was also very enjoyable.. It was kind of thrilling enjoying experience. I asked my grannys why they do this and the reason given was some bad angels and demons will be roaming around and the instrument beating will keep away from them..

There are many other reasons I enjoy Margazhi.. Miss them now (for good reasons, so no regrets)

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