Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Idiots

Watched 3 idiots yesterday night. Overall storyline is “Do whatever you are most passionate about”.

It is a kind of debate it induces in your mind once you get this statement. According to me, my passion is to eat nicely and sleep nicely and do playing, that too not very hard.. Will this work out in my normal life?

Given the Indian population growing more than 1 billion and American President Mr. Obama and other Western civilizations worried about India’s takeover of IT and other Off-shore related jobs, due to India’s younger generations’ educational growth, will it be wise to say do whatever you are most passionate about???

Most of the time humans are like water. They always want to take an easy path. Given an option of doing exercise vs sit home and watch TV, a person would always want to sit home and watch TV (okay I would say a majority 60 ~ 70%). As long as they are not given the option to choose, they don’t choose. It is the parents/teachers/guardians duty to show them the options and make them choose; else, most of the kids will try to do nothing. Again, I am talking about a vast majority not the minority. Some kids are always an exception!!!

If you think about America, it is driven by 3~5% of its core population and the rest follow them. Most of the youger population doesn’t do higher studies because they are told to do what they are passionate about and a lot end up in a McDonald’s or similar store!!

So what I am trying to say is though it is good to do the most passionate about, do your duty first and then side by side you can always plan about what you are passionate about. When there is a will, there will always be a way!!

However, Indian Mark system would need a revamp. I don’t necessarily accept the fact that you read a para and memorise and reproduce it for exam sake or mark sake. Some of our Studies are not practical. Most of us read something in our degree and completely do different work. I would like to see some relation between education and work. If that bridge is gaped, our system is the best one.

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