Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Skating

It was a heavy traffic in 635 on Valentine's eve. Didnt realize it will be that crowded. The parking lot at Galleria mall was full and it took almost an hour from the highway exit to the park entrance (.5 mil). Tested our patience. My kids were controlling their restroom visit as their bladders were full. It was also a cold day.

Then we went to the Ice skating rink. Myself and my kid spent like more than an hour in the rink. I should have burnt like minimum 100 cals. I think, I am able to skate without the help of holding the walls. I liked it. My kid is now casually skating (though she felt multiple times and hurt her knees).

An evening well spent, though when we came out it was 9:00 and there was no food in the mall.

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