Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie Maniac Weekend

Last weekend was movie maniac weekend. My friend gave me his free Netflix a/c as he was not using it and asked me to use if I want. There you go..
I took off Friday afternoon and watched Memento.. It was a good movie. Later that night watched 11:14 movie. Sickening movie.. the whole film was taken in the night..

On Sunday afternoon, I was thinking of watching a movie and my wife suggested watching some serial series.. We started with Lost Serial Season 1. I watched 15 episodes till 10:00 pm (Starting from 1:00 pm),couldn’t resist my temptation of watching next episodes. Lost serial was an enhanced version of “Cast Away” by Tom Hanks. Really, I liked that movie very much.

I am not going to have Netflix a/c as it sucks you in..

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