Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Question

Again in today's diary program, one guy has said this:

While he proposed to his girl friend, she has asked him to tell how he would have proposed to a girl who is blind, deaf and cannot speak. When he told say either yes or no, she has told him based on how he answers this question, she can understand him how he will take care of her!

Once I heard this, even though she may have cleverly avoided this guy, on the other hand, Love has become an interview process. I understand you have to go thru a series of process in selecting your partner, but will that be Love????

Assuming a person is intelligent enough and answered her question wisely and according to what she has in mind, can she marry or love that guy?? Not sure!!

Love can come instantaneously but that can go like that too..

One which slowly takes off after going thru the pluses and minuses of the other person will bond for a long relation (I think)!!

And btw, if anyone can answer her question, please let me know!! because as a developer, I can write a program for this and make my computer love me (may be!!!)

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