Monday, March 8, 2010

Hollie Festival

It is my 6th year hollie festival celebration in DFW temple. Temple usually does some fund-raising during this day and I went to do some service this Sunday.

We prepared some potato vadappa. Anil bhai is so good in this, I have seen consistency in taste in his vadappa. Not a single time has flapped. I helped him with other many volunteers to prepare the potato bonda stuff that can be filled in the bread to make the vadappa. Later, I was in the stall selling.

One guy came and asked for just the bonda part. Actually a bonda was fixed for 2 tickets. This guy asked two bondas and I gave him. He gave only one ticket. I accepted it. We cannot be so rigid since it is just for non-profit!! The volunteer who was helping me asked if that guy was my friend. I told no, just giving since he wanted to eat and happy to see people eating, that’s it. Being nice to a person seems like a bad idea later because, this fellow took advantage of me and came back and asked the same deal. One more time, I was ok but again and again he came two more times. I was mad. I realized one thing; you cannot be always nice to all people. Some people deserve some “royal” treatment.

Another man came and asked how much was one vadappa and when I told him 3 tickets, he was telling the other stall was giving for 2 tickets. I would have given him for 2 tickets had he just asked for if he can get it for 2 tickets. You see, you should not compare and after all, all the money is going to the temple and I hope the temple spends the fund wisely... (Now that I am seeing lot of temples in this area, I started thinking that temple is becoming more of a business than a religious center... Anyways that is not my problem!!)

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