Friday, March 12, 2010


Today early morning, I just was thinking about Heaven and Hell in my insomnia. It was just all of a sudden thought and no reasoning behind it. What can you expect in insomnia?? (may be anything wild).

Thinking about Heaven and Hell, what I think is, it is all in your mind. Even in a bad state if your mind says to be happy, you can and vice versa. Your mind drives you all for whatever you feel.

Good and bad act is also in your mind. To me the definition of a Good act is when both of your mind and heart is happy if you perform an action. (For ex: helping a needy person) A bad act is when either your mind or heart cannot accept an action.

Doing lot of good acts and keeping the mind under your control, stop complaining for each and every small incidence, no expectation, taking responsibility and not blaming others may help you to live in Heaven!!

May be this is what Bhagwad Gita is trying to tell!! Do your duty, don’t expect the result!!!

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