Friday, March 19, 2010


It was that time of the year and time got raised to an hour last sunday early morning.

My kids had a spring break for a week and they were in their uncle's house for a couple of days or more.

I adjusted all analog and digital clocks' time in my house to the correct time. I tried the house's stove time display. I tried pushing some buttons and all the time, I was able to increment/decrement the minute and not more. So I let it by not adjusting the time, thinking that I dont know how to set the hour part (expecting some sort of push button for an hour, as most of the digital system has hour and minute part and you need to click on each to adjust them)

Yesterday, my kid saw all the clocks were changed except this one. I didnt asked her to change or something. She went and tried to change. I thought to myself, I tried yesterday and couldnt figure out the right button, so why do you try?? (but didnt tell her and was closely watching what she is going to do!)

She first struggled for a couple of seconds like me. Then I thought she might leave it as it is like me. I didnt expect this. She went and started increment the minutes and after 9:59 it came to 10:00 .. dah!! why didnt I think about it.. just keep incrementing the minutes!!

Lesson learnt!! Try different ways before giving up!!

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