Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 Manny Vaallu - Alociaus - 106.4 fm

Yesterday when I tuned into hello fm 106.4, it was 4 manny vallu Alociaus program going on.

He was asking the listeners to call and talk about "Aepom" (a Tamil slang for loosing something, technical meaning is burp, after eating).

One guy called and gave a big build-up. Then he talked about what he lost. He lost his new bi-cycle. How: Somebody came and told him that he had a big parcel and he has to come and pick up from the office. I think, in India, usually, from one place to another, they send it by the bus company and the company will let the receiver know. This is a smart way of saving some money for all the parties, sender, receiver and bus companies. I have availed this bus-transporting service.

So this guy has fell in this trap. The person took him to a house. There he asked him to wait in the front thinnai (a small place in front of the house) and asked his cycle so that he can go and pick the parcel and tie it in the cycle carrier and bring. Poor chap has given the cycle and was waiting in front of the house thinking that guy will bring his parcel and cycle. Later, the house owner noticed this guy standing for some time called the cop and what a pity!!

Like Vadivelu says, "Eppadiyallam yosichu thirudarangaya!!"

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