Monday, April 12, 2010

Earth Day

Last Saturday, I went to the Earth Day organized by the city. It was really good and informative.

There are lot of stuffs on how to make our day-to-day living efficiently. A minimum of 25 stalls were there. We visited some and these are the highlights of them.

1) Recycling - things to recycle!
2) Frequent water pressure check at house.
3) Used/fried oil not to let in the drain pipe. It forms lot of grease in the pipe system and may break the pipe system if left unattended. Also, the used oil can be given to the city officials. These are used for bio-diesel generation.
4) About fire hydrants
5) Composite preparation. The dead dried leaves put in a separate container with some water for couple of days becomes a good composite and can be used in plants-soil.
6) Astronomy / Star party group. A good one, I am searching for sometime. For 40 bucks a whole family can join the star viewing every month.
7) Snakes/Turtles
8) Solar power and wind mill power generators.
9) Tips on fire avoiding at home.
10) My son enjoyed some jumping on the bed!

We spent around an hour and it was worth the time.

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