Monday, April 12, 2010

Flat bed Gardening

This Sunday, I went to a class on gardening. It was really interesting. They were talking about soil preparation, seed sowing, watering, pest control and to take effective yield.

What time is good to plant different varieties of plants and how to take good care of them, how to have good organic garden vegetables. (I will try to get the list of plant vs timing in my next blog)

For weed removal a nice tip I got was Vinegar.

After that there were some nice prizes given out based on a drawing. I didnt get any.

Then they talked about Flat-bed gardening. I really liked this one. A 4'x4' frame with 6" height. Place this frame in your garden and spray vinegar and leave it for couple of days. Then fill the whole frame with good soil and composite. With some tapes mark a grid with 1'x1'. You will get a total of 16 grids with 1'x 1'. Then you can place 4 different varieties of plants in each grid. The tip here is make sure you place the tallest growing plant in the back and less taller after that, less taller after that and the smallest in the front.

Draw this 16 grids in a paper and keep track of which plant is in each grid. This is for rotating the plants for the next cycle. We dont need to keep the same plant in the same grid for next cycle to avoid fungus formation.

Good luck with flat-bed gardening.

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