Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How life gets affected based on recent incidents!

The recent incident about the Car bomb in Times square by a Pakistani person may affect lot of other innocent Pakistani persons.

The problem is if it affects them only, we can understand. However, being Asians, persons here in US, dont understand the difference and they brand all of us (even Indians, Hindus/Jains/Buddhist/Sikhs) and look at us in a suspicious manner.

One of my friend told about this incident recently happened to him. He was driving in a car and pulled to the curb nearby in a resident area and was looking at his iPhone for a stock update. He observed the nearby house owner looking at him in a suspicious manner and so he moved some miles away and pulled over and stopped and continued his reading. This guy has followed him. My friend again observed him and hence went to the nearby Sams club and when he came out, he saw two Police cops pulling him aside. Then he has to explain his situation and had to give his Driving license and they had to verify him and then they let him go.

We got to be even careful when we park somewhere for our personnal reasons. Now after hearing the recent incident, we got to be extra careful in whatever we do. Even, when we talk to ourselves in the public or road, we got to be careful in not being suspicious.

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