Monday, July 19, 2010


I am not for any caste system. However, I want to point out this!!

Yesterday, I was watching Neeya naana program in Vijay TV program. It was between the relation between a Son and a Mother. Lots of mom and son participated. Two caught my attention. One was a brahmin and another was a non-brahmin caste person.

When the brahmin lady accepted his son's love towards another caste system lady because she honored her son's feeling and let him marry her even though she didnt like it.

On the other hand a non-brahmin caste lady was dead against his son getting married to another caste lady even though his son was so much in love with her!! She is considering her caste to be in the forefront than her son's feeling!!

Interesting it shows how the society is today!! and brahmin caste people are considered to be stuborn or rude to others and this "show" shows who is and who isnt!!!!

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