Monday, July 19, 2010


These days, I am in for Facebook. It is easy to write in one line and your followers are already there to know you. However, in case of a big sentences, we still need blogs.

Last month I watched the following movies:

1)Percy Jackson (English)
2)Kula Kulaya mundirika (Tamil - Crazy Mohan dialogue)
3)Avatar (in DVD)
4)Guru Sishyan (Sathyaraj-Sundar) Aiyo marana kadi dont watch it!! also filthy comedies
5)Shutter Island (English in DVD) psycho.. I didnt like it!!
6)Ravaana (in theater)

Percy Jackson is for kids. It is a formula driven approach copied from Harry Potter. Hindu religion system is followed. Like Hindu religion follows 5 different gods like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space the same kind of system is followed and this guy is a demi-god of water.

KKM - watched for Crazy Moha dialogues. It was very good for dialogues. Movie is a kothu.

Avatar - already posted comments on this.

GS - No need of comments. waste movie wasted my time

SI - I think I wasted time on this movie too.. very boring!!

Raavana - Not good and not bad!! Scenary was very nice. Nothing much to write!!

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