Friday, July 23, 2010

is abhishegam really necessary?

Some of Vivek's comedy should really provoke thoughts in people's mind. Example is the "Sangu Saakiyam"

Country like India, population is so much and percentage of people under poverty is more. Lot of kids dont even have milk, ghee etc !!

In such a scenario, why is still people pouring lot of milk and other stuffs on God statue. Even, if God comes directly, seeing this, he will also ask the same question. I am not against religion or people doing these stuff. I am just thinking, atleast the milk poured on the statue if given to the needed kids, it might get healthy!!!

I understand there are some significances for doing abhishekams. However, I cannot convince myself given this scenario!!

Dont mistake me and I always wanted to question this and my mind is always having a tough time to accept it, even though I am doing it lot of times against my wish!!!!

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