Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life of a Rock - by my 10 year old daughter

I am Sam the sedimentary rock. So far I haven’t been changed for thirteen months! That’s the longest I’ve gone without being changed. I began my adventure at soil, and guess what? At that moment pressure occurred. I got forced down and went to the mantle. Man, was it hot in there. I was in there for so long that I lost count of how many days (or was it years?)I was in there. Suddenly I heard a rumbling noise and I got shot up into the air. When I came down I first took a deep breath. Then I looked at myself. I was an igneous rock! All that pressure and heat really got me. The magma flowed straight into the ocean taking me with it. Before I knew it I was in the ocean. The force broke me up into sediments. Months later I got evaporated with some of the water. Days, weeks and months passed and I was still stuck in a fluffy cloud. Aaaaah! I shouted as I fell through the air. Though I wasn’t very heavy I had a harsh landing. OW! Well I’m back to the place where I started. My births place the soil. Pressure again? Back to the mantle I guess. There was a loud rumble. Two tectonic plates were colliding each other! I was going to see the sun again! I am a rock of the mountain get it rock of the mountain instead of part of the mountain. I am not very humorous am I? It was so cold on the mountain that it felt like ice partly because it was snowing. 1 month past 2 months passed still no sign of the snow melting. Finally after 3 months of shivering the snow finally melted and it eroded me into the ocean. OH NO NOT THE BOTTOM OF THE SUFFOCATING BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN AGAIN! Now I am stuck at the bottom of the ocean narrating my adventurous story. Now that you know my devastating tale and still think that being a rock is easy please think again.

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