Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SharePoint 2010 - Open in Explorer View - Issue #OpenFileinExplorerView

#OpenFileinExplorerView We had an interesting problem. A particular folder was giving us a Permission denied error when we try to open in Explorer view. Inside that folder there were like 700 folders. Each folder had lot of Excel, docx, pdf, msg files. Field guys wanted to open this folder (permission denied folder) in explorer view so they can easily access the files inside each sub-folders. After searching for permissions under random folders, each were given similar rights. Then we ran Fiddler and figured out a particular folder was corrupt and was not able to open. When we tried to open that folder in explorer view, it gave the same error. When we removed that folder, bingo it started to work. Not sure what the corrupted folder is or how it became corrupted!! Interesting experience and thanks to Fiddler.

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