Sunday, January 18, 2015

Important points II

Control Quality should be completed prior to the Validate Scope process.

Regular assessment of team skills should be performed as part of the Develop Project Team process.

Withdrawing/Avoiding - to retreat from an actual or potential conflict situation.

Direct and Manage Project work - outputs -  Deliverables, Work performance data, Change Requests, Project document updates, Project management plan updates

Resolve the root cause of the problem.

Cultural Norms : how to approach performing the work, methods considered acceptable, influential in facilitating the performance of work.

Communications management plan contains project escalation procedures.

Procurement contract is a mutually binding legal document between the buyer and the seller.

Modeling Technique - includes What-if scenario Analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.

Progressive Elaboration - Continually detailing and improving a plan.

Risk Register - contains triggers, symptoms, warning signs of risk occurrence

% complete * BAC = EV.

Procurement Performance Review a tool and technique of Control procurements.

Cause and effect diagram is also known as fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram.

Actual work performance information is an output of Control Schedule process.

Total Float : Amount of time can be delayed or extended from its early start date without delaying the project finish date or violating a schedule constraint.

Control Scope is the process of monitoring the status of the project and product scope, and managing changes to the Scope Baseline.  Changes to Scope Baseline are approved or rejected during the control scope process.

Manage Project team outputs :  EEF updates, OPA updates, Project document updates, Change Requests, Project management plan updates.

Quality management methodologies include Plan-Do-Check-act cycle, Six sigma, lean sigma, Quality function deployment, CMMI, etc.

Deliverables must be within the agreed control limit specifications.

Acknowledging is actively listening.

All final deliverables must match the requirements.
Project Schedule Network diagram -  schematic display of project's schedule activities and the logical relationships between them.

Risk Breakdown structure : helps group potential causes of risk.

Project Management Office (PMO) expertise is considered as a tool in the Develop Project Charter process.

Perform Integrated change control - process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes and managing changes to the deliverables.

Earned value measurement is the value of work performed expressed in terms of the approved budget assigned to that work for an activity or work breakdown structure.

Project Manager is responsible for managing stakeholder engagement on a project.

Standard Deviation (SD) = (P-O) / 6

Control Procurement process - outputs - Project document updates, change requests, organizational process updates, Project management plan updates, work performance information.

Both are not good:
CPI < 1 - Over budget;
SPI < 1 - behind schedule

Work performance information is collected during monitoring and control project work.

Range of an estimate given in positive and negative percentages is called the confidence interval of the estimate.

Estimate activity durations does not use information from the work package in the WBS.  Uses information from Risk Registers, Resource calendars, Project scope statement.

Stakeholder management plan - no sensitive info.

Subdivide the work packages into smaller, more manageable components called activities is called Decomposition.

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