Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review of movie I

Movie : I
Main Actors : Vikram, Amy Jackson, Santhanam
Director : Sankar
Story : Sankar
Photography : PC Sriram

I went with an expectation of "Brahmandam" for this movie and the technology he has used.  He has not disappointed me on that.

The movie revolves in an elliptical orbit.  If you keep the story as sun, interest as earth, initially it starts from the perigee position and goes to apogee during interval break and then traverse back to perigee in the second half.

Plot is regular Sankar story.  However, the way he has taken needs to be appreciated.

Vikram and his company of body builders needs to be given full credit.  Vikram should have worked really hard to bring down his weight up and down.

The final message of the story is with love nothing else matters!!  I like that message.

Santhanam comedy is good.

Mersalaitaen, Google ah moodu, youtube ah pothu dialogues will take off for this generation.

Photography is excellent.  PC Sriram has not taken in much darkness, his usual touch.

We should watch one time definetly.

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