Saturday, November 28, 2015

Question 43: You are producing aluminum dowels. The control limits of this
production process are 14.9cm and 15.1cm. The specification limits are 14.8cm and
15.2cm. Inspection shows that the last 5 dowels produced are 15.2cm long. What do
you do?
A.) Deliver them to the customer.
B.) Don’t’ deliver them to the customer.
C.) The process is out of control and needs to be adjusted.
D.) You should not be inspecting because you have clear control and specification


Specification Limits: while control limits represent the performing organisations standards for quality, the specification limits represents the customers expectations or contractual requirements. To meet customers specification limits, the performing orgs control limits must be stricter than those of the customer. Therefore, on the exam, assume that specification limits are outside the upper and lower control limits.

So A : Deliver them to the customer is correct

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