Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Some senior level questions with answers

1. What is your experience in leading projects that integrate with multiple systems?

 I have a couple of years of experience in integrating with multiple systems. I have taken the lead in designing and help in building the projects like an SOA architecture which used WCF services to talk to a .NET Remoting service (NICE APIs) and the front end CRM system built using Java.. Another application was in bringing in Peoplesoft data to the SQL Server business Intelligence server for various Microsoft Excel PowerPivot services.

2. What challenges exist when managing internal and external partner relationships, and how do you address these challenges?

Keeping a good relationship with the customer, protect their data as per the company's policies, make sure Data retention policy is strictly enforced.

3. How do you personally manage and track task assignments to your development teams? We had couple of systems like JIRA and SharePoint to track task assignments. So if the project has issues, we have daily calls with the QA team and assign the various issues to the developers and then those independent developers are responsible for fixing the issues. By having some reports built in, we can know what issues are handled by which developers. Used JIRA for some Project Task assignments and also later used SharePoint Project list to track down various projects and their corresponding risks/issues. There is also a RAG status for each task. Try to identify all the Red status and pay attention on a daily basis.

4. How do you address low performing team members?

Try to understand the member's problem by talking with them. If anything from my side can be done for them to correct, I will do. If they lag in Technical understanding route them to proper internal Route2Learn classes. If budget allows, send them to proper training seminars, else, I will try to do research based on the member's problem and try to address it in a positive manner. Coach them and train them till they get it.

5. Imagine you are brought in on a project where the client is complaining that their site is too slow. While investing this issue, what questions would you ask the internal project team? What would you ask the client?

For the client:
1) When do you experience the problem (any specific time of the day?)
2) How big is the data loading ? (like a few 100 or a few 1000)?
3) Exactly on what application or pages you face this issue?
4) What is the environment they use (if it is a web app, browser versions etc)
5) Network speed (though understand lot of clients cannot answer directly,

For the project team:
1) Can we simulate the issue?
2) If so, where is it happening? In the frontend, middle layer, database layer or network ?
3) If database layer, try to work on the queries used (Performance tuning)
4) If front end, make sure viewstates are properly enabled for pages?
5) middle layer - make sure the objects are not the cause

6. Given that most of our clients are financial institutions, it's vital that we protect their data by training our developers to avoid introducing security vulnerabilities. Can you name the most common security vulnerabilities and the practices that you follow to ensure that your applications are secure?
1)SQL Injection -> Make sure no adhoc query is sent thru the wire (ensure stored proc)
2) XSS Vulnerabilites (Cross site scripting) - making sure proper validations from the input are made, encode url output, review potentially dangerous html tags and attributes, validating Unicode characters, try to use the frame security attribute, avoid using innerHTML,property,

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