Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hollywood Movies - 2010

Season of the Witch
The Green Hornet
The Dilemma
Barney's Version
The Company Men
No Strings Attached
The Way Back
The Mechanic
The Rite
From Prada to Nada
The Roommate
Frankie and Alice
Gnomeo and Juliet
Just Go with It
The Eagle
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Cedar Rapids
I am Number Four
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
Drive Angry 3D
Hall Pass
The Adjustment Bureau
Apollo 18
Take Me Home Tonight
Battle: Los Angeles
Jane Eyre
Red Riding Hood
Mars Needs Moms
The Lincoln Lawyer
Sucker Punch
The Beaver
Win Win
Diary of a Wimpy kid 2: Rodrick Rules
Source Code
Your Highness
Scream 4
Water for Elephants
The three musketeers
Born to be a star
Fast Five
What's your Number
Something Barrowed
Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides
The Hangover Part II
Kung Fu Panda 2
X-Men: First Class
Super 8
Green Lantern
Bad Teacher
Cars 2
Rise of the Apes
Transformers: Dark of the moon
Larry Crowne
Monte Carlo
One for the Money
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Winnie the Pooh
Captain America: The First Avenger
Friends with Benefits
Cowboys & Aliens
Crazy, Stupid, Love
The Change-Up
The Smurfs
The Darkest Hour
Mr. Popper's Penguins
The Help
30 minutes or less
Fright Night
Conan the Barbarian
Spy Kids 4 : All the time in the world
Final Destination 5
Black Swan
All Good Things
I Love You Phillip Morris
Night Catches Us
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
The Warrior's Way
The Tourist
The Tempest
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Fighter
The Garden of Eden
Tron: Legacy
Yogi Bear
How Do You Know
Rabbit Hole
Casino Jack
Little Fockers
True Grit
The Illusionist
Gulliver's Travels
Country Strong
Blue Valentine
Another Year

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My vision for a better TamilNadu (first and later India)

If I come to power, (the word power is not right, it should be serving people) my vision will be as follows:

First thing take a survey of whole Tamil Nadu. Study where there is densly populated and where there is poorly populated. Will take all the waste land survey. Will take all the place where it can be good for agriculture.

Take all the surveys/needs for
1) Farmers
2) Industrialists
3) School/college students on how their ethics is

and bring in self motivated, service centered, knowledgeable persons and get all their feedbacks and allocate each of them an area to work on the defects.

Where there is densly populated will also study what makes it so and try to take those stuffs to other areas.

Make Tamilnadu green, bring as much possible 4 lane roads or sub ways, nice trees all throughout, big buildings with lot of parking facilities with adequate commute etc. Remove corruption. Equal rights for everyone (no religion, caste based reservations) and the reservations will be based on income level. For this, each family/person has to pay the tax properly and bring-in adequate jobs so that people will not have any problem.

Like more of "Narendra Modi" government!!

I know lot of people have this vision.. This is a good vision.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It is a "big black mark" for all Tamilians

Recently, India has seen 2 big corruptions. One is the Spectrum 2G corruption and the other one is the Common Wealth games corruptions. First one is 1.77 lakhs crores and the second one is 2500 crores.

I read some information about Spectrum 2G. BJP brought in "Income sharing" rule in 2001 for Telecomm companies. What it means is, Telecomm companies not only pay a initial charge for getting the license but also share some cost for each subscriber they get. Also, this applies for first come first serve basis.

In 2001 when they implemented, there were around 1 crore customers. In 2008, they were using the same charge as of 2001 for 30 crore customers which lead to around 1.3 lakhs crores + the initial deposit which tallies to 47 lakhs crores totalling 1.77 lakhs crores.

The worst part is mostly these corruptions are done by Tamilians. Being a Tamilian, I feel very bad.

I still dont understand how people can be involved in these corruptions and still be ethical to their jobs? If atleast 50% of this money being spent on the welfare of people, part of India would have been beautiful and got whatever it needed.

India is projected as one of the top growing nations and is a part of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and doing these scandals will not help India in any way..

You cannot blame only the politicians, as people get money to even vote for their favorite party, what can you expect from these politicians !!!

Thirudanaai paarthu thirunthaavitaal thirutayum ozhika mudiyadhu.. what it means is, each one of us has to change for a good society!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

whatever good is not good and bad is not bad

I was watching a History channel program the other day about some Rome empire ruling 2100 years before. On this, they have figured out that there was a ship with wine container jars in that ship and it got sank. May be that day it might be bad for those people.

However, we are able to understand more about their empire today and took out some of the jars from the deep ocean.

So, what I feel is sometimes we feel when bad happens why it is happening to me and blame external factors!! If bad happens, it might be for a reasoning and who knows after some 1000 years it may be a good thing!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life of a Rock - by my 10 year old daughter

I am Sam the sedimentary rock. So far I haven’t been changed for thirteen months! That’s the longest I’ve gone without being changed. I began my adventure at soil, and guess what? At that moment pressure occurred. I got forced down and went to the mantle. Man, was it hot in there. I was in there for so long that I lost count of how many days (or was it years?)I was in there. Suddenly I heard a rumbling noise and I got shot up into the air. When I came down I first took a deep breath. Then I looked at myself. I was an igneous rock! All that pressure and heat really got me. The magma flowed straight into the ocean taking me with it. Before I knew it I was in the ocean. The force broke me up into sediments. Months later I got evaporated with some of the water. Days, weeks and months passed and I was still stuck in a fluffy cloud. Aaaaah! I shouted as I fell through the air. Though I wasn’t very heavy I had a harsh landing. OW! Well I’m back to the place where I started. My births place the soil. Pressure again? Back to the mantle I guess. There was a loud rumble. Two tectonic plates were colliding each other! I was going to see the sun again! I am a rock of the mountain get it rock of the mountain instead of part of the mountain. I am not very humorous am I? It was so cold on the mountain that it felt like ice partly because it was snowing. 1 month past 2 months passed still no sign of the snow melting. Finally after 3 months of shivering the snow finally melted and it eroded me into the ocean. OH NO NOT THE BOTTOM OF THE SUFFOCATING BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN AGAIN! Now I am stuck at the bottom of the ocean narrating my adventurous story. Now that you know my devastating tale and still think that being a rock is easy please think again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

is abhishegam really necessary?

Some of Vivek's comedy should really provoke thoughts in people's mind. Example is the "Sangu Saakiyam"

Country like India, population is so much and percentage of people under poverty is more. Lot of kids dont even have milk, ghee etc !!

In such a scenario, why is still people pouring lot of milk and other stuffs on God statue. Even, if God comes directly, seeing this, he will also ask the same question. I am not against religion or people doing these stuff. I am just thinking, atleast the milk poured on the statue if given to the needed kids, it might get healthy!!!

I understand there are some significances for doing abhishekams. However, I cannot convince myself given this scenario!!

Dont mistake me and I always wanted to question this and my mind is always having a tough time to accept it, even though I am doing it lot of times against my wish!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


These days, I am in for Facebook. It is easy to write in one line and your followers are already there to know you. However, in case of a big sentences, we still need blogs.

Last month I watched the following movies:

1)Percy Jackson (English)
2)Kula Kulaya mundirika (Tamil - Crazy Mohan dialogue)
3)Avatar (in DVD)
4)Guru Sishyan (Sathyaraj-Sundar) Aiyo marana kadi dont watch it!! also filthy comedies
5)Shutter Island (English in DVD) psycho.. I didnt like it!!
6)Ravaana (in theater)

Percy Jackson is for kids. It is a formula driven approach copied from Harry Potter. Hindu religion system is followed. Like Hindu religion follows 5 different gods like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space the same kind of system is followed and this guy is a demi-god of water.

KKM - watched for Crazy Moha dialogues. It was very good for dialogues. Movie is a kothu.

Avatar - already posted comments on this.

GS - No need of comments. waste movie wasted my time

SI - I think I wasted time on this movie too.. very boring!!

Raavana - Not good and not bad!! Scenary was very nice. Nothing much to write!!


I am not for any caste system. However, I want to point out this!!

Yesterday, I was watching Neeya naana program in Vijay TV program. It was between the relation between a Son and a Mother. Lots of mom and son participated. Two caught my attention. One was a brahmin and another was a non-brahmin caste person.

When the brahmin lady accepted his son's love towards another caste system lady because she honored her son's feeling and let him marry her even though she didnt like it.

On the other hand a non-brahmin caste lady was dead against his son getting married to another caste lady even though his son was so much in love with her!! She is considering her caste to be in the forefront than her son's feeling!!

Interesting it shows how the society is today!! and brahmin caste people are considered to be stuborn or rude to others and this "show" shows who is and who isnt!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash of thought

This is a strange thing but it happens to me sometimes.

I think of an incident for a few seconds and then doesnt too much concentrate on it and jumps to another topic abruptly and after some time I see that incident happening. I realise, oh, I thought about it and why I didnt give too much thinking on it!! however, if I concentrate too much that doesnt happen..

For ex: today when I was driving to work, I was a bit hungry and dont want to goto Maccee as yesterday only I went there! I was just thinking, what if someone brings some breakfast to office.. and then I forgot about it and went with the radio topic thought.

To my surprise, in our break room there were doughnuts!!

This is not the only incident however, I have had so many in my past..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How life gets affected based on recent incidents!

The recent incident about the Car bomb in Times square by a Pakistani person may affect lot of other innocent Pakistani persons.

The problem is if it affects them only, we can understand. However, being Asians, persons here in US, dont understand the difference and they brand all of us (even Indians, Hindus/Jains/Buddhist/Sikhs) and look at us in a suspicious manner.

One of my friend told about this incident recently happened to him. He was driving in a car and pulled to the curb nearby in a resident area and was looking at his iPhone for a stock update. He observed the nearby house owner looking at him in a suspicious manner and so he moved some miles away and pulled over and stopped and continued his reading. This guy has followed him. My friend again observed him and hence went to the nearby Sams club and when he came out, he saw two Police cops pulling him aside. Then he has to explain his situation and had to give his Driving license and they had to verify him and then they let him go.

We got to be even careful when we park somewhere for our personnal reasons. Now after hearing the recent incident, we got to be extra careful in whatever we do. Even, when we talk to ourselves in the public or road, we got to be careful in not being suspicious.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Handling People:

Myself and couple of my friends walk in the nearby canal usually in the evening. It is a nice canal, probably a couple of miles in circumference with ducks, gooses and turtles shaded with nice trees and bushes. Only caveat is, I get allergy due to the pesticides.

Yesterday evening, I started the chat by quoting on one of my cricket playing member (He is from IIT and IIM). He usually argues everything (which is good and bad). We have given a scorecard to the umpire to score each ball and after 5 over’s or so, when this guy asked the umpire about the score, there was an argument between them on a single run. I told my friend about this and he started talking about the psychology factor.

Some guys from great institutions (like IIT and IIM), they behave differently. They don’t accept defeat so easily and sometimes they don’t even care about their silliness behavior and fight for petty things. They also feel they are the superior creatures in this world and the rest others are worthless. My friend told this and he also cited one example. While he was travelling to US in his first job contract in H1-B, he happened to sit near a guy, whom he talked with. That guy told he is from IIT and IIM and he was travelling to US on a business visit. My friend also told him about his status. Sometime later, when my friend went out to the restroom and came back to sit in his allotted seat, the other guy (who is from IIT and IIM) has seated in his place. When my friend cited him about it, that guy had coolly ordered him to sit in his place. That guy didn’t even request or ask or anything like that. He took for granted that he can sit in my friend’s seat as he is superior compared to my friend. He also acted as if he is very superior compared to my friend and he can take his seat if he wants.

Lesson learnt is though it will be good to move with intelligent people, you got to be very careful in not losing your self-respect. Handling people is always a tough job!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 Manny Vaallu - Alociaus - 106.4 fm

Yesterday when I tuned into hello fm 106.4, it was 4 manny vallu Alociaus program going on.

He was asking the listeners to call and talk about "Aepom" (a Tamil slang for loosing something, technical meaning is burp, after eating).

One guy called and gave a big build-up. Then he talked about what he lost. He lost his new bi-cycle. How: Somebody came and told him that he had a big parcel and he has to come and pick up from the office. I think, in India, usually, from one place to another, they send it by the bus company and the company will let the receiver know. This is a smart way of saving some money for all the parties, sender, receiver and bus companies. I have availed this bus-transporting service.

So this guy has fell in this trap. The person took him to a house. There he asked him to wait in the front thinnai (a small place in front of the house) and asked his cycle so that he can go and pick the parcel and tie it in the cycle carrier and bring. Poor chap has given the cycle and was waiting in front of the house thinking that guy will bring his parcel and cycle. Later, the house owner noticed this guy standing for some time called the cop and what a pity!!

Like Vadivelu says, "Eppadiyallam yosichu thirudarangaya!!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent Liking - Song

I heard the song from the movie Ivar. The song is Nee Maatum Maritadi Mallika. It is so slow and beautiful, very melodious as well as gentle. The singer (Tipu) has sung in his base voice. Music director is Sai Prasad.

Good job Tipu and Sai Prasad.

To listen to this song, here is the link:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flat bed Gardening

This Sunday, I went to a class on gardening. It was really interesting. They were talking about soil preparation, seed sowing, watering, pest control and to take effective yield.

What time is good to plant different varieties of plants and how to take good care of them, how to have good organic garden vegetables. (I will try to get the list of plant vs timing in my next blog)

For weed removal a nice tip I got was Vinegar.

After that there were some nice prizes given out based on a drawing. I didnt get any.

Then they talked about Flat-bed gardening. I really liked this one. A 4'x4' frame with 6" height. Place this frame in your garden and spray vinegar and leave it for couple of days. Then fill the whole frame with good soil and composite. With some tapes mark a grid with 1'x1'. You will get a total of 16 grids with 1'x 1'. Then you can place 4 different varieties of plants in each grid. The tip here is make sure you place the tallest growing plant in the back and less taller after that, less taller after that and the smallest in the front.

Draw this 16 grids in a paper and keep track of which plant is in each grid. This is for rotating the plants for the next cycle. We dont need to keep the same plant in the same grid for next cycle to avoid fungus formation.

Good luck with flat-bed gardening.

Earth Day

Last Saturday, I went to the Earth Day organized by the city. It was really good and informative.

There are lot of stuffs on how to make our day-to-day living efficiently. A minimum of 25 stalls were there. We visited some and these are the highlights of them.

1) Recycling - things to recycle!
2) Frequent water pressure check at house.
3) Used/fried oil not to let in the drain pipe. It forms lot of grease in the pipe system and may break the pipe system if left unattended. Also, the used oil can be given to the city officials. These are used for bio-diesel generation.
4) About fire hydrants
5) Composite preparation. The dead dried leaves put in a separate container with some water for couple of days becomes a good composite and can be used in plants-soil.
6) Astronomy / Star party group. A good one, I am searching for sometime. For 40 bucks a whole family can join the star viewing every month.
7) Snakes/Turtles
8) Solar power and wind mill power generators.
9) Tips on fire avoiding at home.
10) My son enjoyed some jumping on the bed!

We spent around an hour and it was worth the time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kannum Kannum Nokia

One of my friend attended the art of living course!! He usually gets some depression because of thyroid problems and hence he wants to learn some yoga and art of living.

In this course, they have taught him to do yoga and other fun game. My friend is a married guy, and all the other participants (approx 10) were also married. There were a few ladies.

The organiser has asked them to look into each other eyes for a few minutes and then talk. This is for them to become more friendly. However, my friend and all other participants felt uneasy on this.

Later they have asked each group to write a script on the ups/downs in the life and how to handle those. He has written,directed and acted in his story. Good one!

Friday, March 19, 2010


It was that time of the year and time got raised to an hour last sunday early morning.

My kids had a spring break for a week and they were in their uncle's house for a couple of days or more.

I adjusted all analog and digital clocks' time in my house to the correct time. I tried the house's stove time display. I tried pushing some buttons and all the time, I was able to increment/decrement the minute and not more. So I let it by not adjusting the time, thinking that I dont know how to set the hour part (expecting some sort of push button for an hour, as most of the digital system has hour and minute part and you need to click on each to adjust them)

Yesterday, my kid saw all the clocks were changed except this one. I didnt asked her to change or something. She went and tried to change. I thought to myself, I tried yesterday and couldnt figure out the right button, so why do you try?? (but didnt tell her and was closely watching what she is going to do!)

She first struggled for a couple of seconds like me. Then I thought she might leave it as it is like me. I didnt expect this. She went and started increment the minutes and after 9:59 it came to 10:00 .. dah!! why didnt I think about it.. just keep incrementing the minutes!!

Lesson learnt!! Try different ways before giving up!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balance Sheet Reading for Stocks

Especially look for liquid assets in a Balance sheet. (Liquid Assets are that can be easily converted to cash). The amount of liquid assets a company can amass ultimately determines its value. Better yet, if a company generates more liquid assets than it needs to fund its operations, it can give the excess back to shareholders in the form of dividends or share buybacks.

There are two ways to measure liquid assets. The first is terminal value -- how much the company would return to shareholders if, at some future point, it closed down all its operations and turned everything into cash. The second is tangible shareholder value -- the returns on invested capital generated by the company's operations.

The balance sheet can tell you whether a company's got enough money to keep funding growth, or whether it'll have to take on debt or issue bonds or additional stock to sustain itself. Does a company have too much of its money tied up in inventory? Is the company collecting money from its customers reasonably quickly? The balance sheet knows all.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its EDGAR website give you all sorts of balance sheet information in a company’s 10-K and 10-Q reports.

The 10-K is a toned-down, once-a-year version of a company's annual report, with more text and fewer pretty pictures; it contains the company's balance sheet for the entire fiscal year. The 10-Q is a quarterly filing that a company makes with the SEC three times a year (the fourth yearly filing is the 10-K). The 10-Q reports also track a company's balance sheet through the course of the year. Note that unlike its quarterly compatriots, the 10-K's balance sheet is double-checked by accountants before it's filed with the SEC.


How to Value Stocks?

1) Read a Balance Sheet:

2) Understand the fundamentals about the company’s business to value its shares

3) Learn to use Earnings, Revenues, Cash flow, Equity, dividend yield and subscribers to figure out how much a company is worth.

4) Return on Equity stands as a crucial weapon in the investor’s arsenal if understood properly.

5) ROE encompasses 3 main levers by which management pokes and prods the corporation – profitability, asset management and financial leverage.


Friday, March 12, 2010


Today early morning, I just was thinking about Heaven and Hell in my insomnia. It was just all of a sudden thought and no reasoning behind it. What can you expect in insomnia?? (may be anything wild).

Thinking about Heaven and Hell, what I think is, it is all in your mind. Even in a bad state if your mind says to be happy, you can and vice versa. Your mind drives you all for whatever you feel.

Good and bad act is also in your mind. To me the definition of a Good act is when both of your mind and heart is happy if you perform an action. (For ex: helping a needy person) A bad act is when either your mind or heart cannot accept an action.

Doing lot of good acts and keeping the mind under your control, stop complaining for each and every small incidence, no expectation, taking responsibility and not blaming others may help you to live in Heaven!!

May be this is what Bhagwad Gita is trying to tell!! Do your duty, don’t expect the result!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Question

Again in today's diary program, one guy has said this:

While he proposed to his girl friend, she has asked him to tell how he would have proposed to a girl who is blind, deaf and cannot speak. When he told say either yes or no, she has told him based on how he answers this question, she can understand him how he will take care of her!

Once I heard this, even though she may have cleverly avoided this guy, on the other hand, Love has become an interview process. I understand you have to go thru a series of process in selecting your partner, but will that be Love????

Assuming a person is intelligent enough and answered her question wisely and according to what she has in mind, can she marry or love that guy?? Not sure!!

Love can come instantaneously but that can go like that too..

One which slowly takes off after going thru the pluses and minuses of the other person will bond for a long relation (I think)!!

And btw, if anyone can answer her question, please let me know!! because as a developer, I can write a program for this and make my computer love me (may be!!!)

kallarayil kooda jannal ondru vaithu naan paarpenadi!!

Hm.. interesting thought..

What it means is (for persons who dont know Tamil), Lover will make a window in his graveyard and watch her..

Poor soul, no freedom for her even after death!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hollie Festival

It is my 6th year hollie festival celebration in DFW temple. Temple usually does some fund-raising during this day and I went to do some service this Sunday.

We prepared some potato vadappa. Anil bhai is so good in this, I have seen consistency in taste in his vadappa. Not a single time has flapped. I helped him with other many volunteers to prepare the potato bonda stuff that can be filled in the bread to make the vadappa. Later, I was in the stall selling.

One guy came and asked for just the bonda part. Actually a bonda was fixed for 2 tickets. This guy asked two bondas and I gave him. He gave only one ticket. I accepted it. We cannot be so rigid since it is just for non-profit!! The volunteer who was helping me asked if that guy was my friend. I told no, just giving since he wanted to eat and happy to see people eating, that’s it. Being nice to a person seems like a bad idea later because, this fellow took advantage of me and came back and asked the same deal. One more time, I was ok but again and again he came two more times. I was mad. I realized one thing; you cannot be always nice to all people. Some people deserve some “royal” treatment.

Another man came and asked how much was one vadappa and when I told him 3 tickets, he was telling the other stall was giving for 2 tickets. I would have given him for 2 tickets had he just asked for if he can get it for 2 tickets. You see, you should not compare and after all, all the money is going to the temple and I hope the temple spends the fund wisely... (Now that I am seeing lot of temples in this area, I started thinking that temple is becoming more of a business than a religious center... Anyways that is not my problem!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kadhal valarthaen song

I paid close attention to the lyrics of this song today from diary program in hello fm 106.4.

One of the stanza says, “Father’s love is only till you are born, Mother’s love is only till you grow up and only a girl friend or boy friend’s love is till the end of life”…

Come on, give me a break!! I accept you can exaggerate your lover for some poems, but never underestimate/degrad a love of the parents, for anything. I am not saying this as a parent alone but also being a loving son to my parents.

For heaven sake, please don’t write this type of lyrics.. Doesn’t feel good!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Idiots

Watched 3 idiots yesterday night. Overall storyline is “Do whatever you are most passionate about”.

It is a kind of debate it induces in your mind once you get this statement. According to me, my passion is to eat nicely and sleep nicely and do playing, that too not very hard.. Will this work out in my normal life?

Given the Indian population growing more than 1 billion and American President Mr. Obama and other Western civilizations worried about India’s takeover of IT and other Off-shore related jobs, due to India’s younger generations’ educational growth, will it be wise to say do whatever you are most passionate about???

Most of the time humans are like water. They always want to take an easy path. Given an option of doing exercise vs sit home and watch TV, a person would always want to sit home and watch TV (okay I would say a majority 60 ~ 70%). As long as they are not given the option to choose, they don’t choose. It is the parents/teachers/guardians duty to show them the options and make them choose; else, most of the kids will try to do nothing. Again, I am talking about a vast majority not the minority. Some kids are always an exception!!!

If you think about America, it is driven by 3~5% of its core population and the rest follow them. Most of the youger population doesn’t do higher studies because they are told to do what they are passionate about and a lot end up in a McDonald’s or similar store!!

So what I am trying to say is though it is good to do the most passionate about, do your duty first and then side by side you can always plan about what you are passionate about. When there is a will, there will always be a way!!

However, Indian Mark system would need a revamp. I don’t necessarily accept the fact that you read a para and memorise and reproduce it for exam sake or mark sake. Some of our Studies are not practical. Most of us read something in our degree and completely do different work. I would like to see some relation between education and work. If that bridge is gaped, our system is the best one.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Skating

It was a heavy traffic in 635 on Valentine's eve. Didnt realize it will be that crowded. The parking lot at Galleria mall was full and it took almost an hour from the highway exit to the park entrance (.5 mil). Tested our patience. My kids were controlling their restroom visit as their bladders were full. It was also a cold day.

Then we went to the Ice skating rink. Myself and my kid spent like more than an hour in the rink. I should have burnt like minimum 100 cals. I think, I am able to skate without the help of holding the walls. I liked it. My kid is now casually skating (though she felt multiple times and hurt her knees).

An evening well spent, though when we came out it was 9:00 and there was no food in the mall.

Movie Maniac Weekend

Last weekend was movie maniac weekend. My friend gave me his free Netflix a/c as he was not using it and asked me to use if I want. There you go..
I took off Friday afternoon and watched Memento.. It was a good movie. Later that night watched 11:14 movie. Sickening movie.. the whole film was taken in the night..

On Sunday afternoon, I was thinking of watching a movie and my wife suggested watching some serial series.. We started with Lost Serial Season 1. I watched 15 episodes till 10:00 pm (Starting from 1:00 pm),couldn’t resist my temptation of watching next episodes. Lost serial was an enhanced version of “Cast Away” by Tom Hanks. Really, I liked that movie very much.

I am not going to have Netflix a/c as it sucks you in..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was trying to play "Kanmani Nee vara Kaathiruntaen" song from "Thendralae Ennai Thodu" in my keyboard.

I know the combinations of music.. like S R1 G1 M1 P D1 N1 S and I know there are 3 Rs 3 Gs 2 Ms 3 Ds and 3 Ns and their positions in my keyboard.

So I figured out this song belongs to the category S R1 G3 M1 P D2 N2 S. The first 4 scales were similar to Maya malawa gowla. So I went to and understood that this scale belonged to the 16th mela kartha raagam and it is called as Chakravagam.

Then I went and googled for the raga of this song to confirm that this song belong to Chakravagam category. In a yahoo discussion group, I found that they were talking about this song belonging to MalayaMarutham category. So I went deep in the site and found the scale for MalayaMarutham raga and found the M is missing. So the scale is S R1 G3 P D2 N2 S and it fitted well. So learnt two raagas today. One is Chakravagam and another is Malayamarutham.

A few songs that belong in Malayamarutham raaga is
Kanmani Nee vara kaathiruntaen from Thendralae ennai thodu
Ragasiyamaai Ragasiyamaai from Dum Dum Dum
Kodi Inbam from Nenjil Aadum Poo Onru (today only I heard this song)

If I figure out some more songs, I will add it to the list when I come across.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Forrest Gump

Last week, my elder kid showed her essay written by her at school about our second kid’s arrival. She got an appreciation from her class Teacher. It was like, she kept the secret of the kid’s delivery till the end (as if something is going to happen!!) and that made the essay very interesting and curious.

The reason I wrote the above holds good to this film too. It slowly started with Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) sitting in a bus-stand and narrating his story. There was always a background talk in the whole film. However, he made me to watch the film because of some interesting and curious points. I watched it till the end to know, if he married his girl-friend (Jenny) and then later what happened to the kid. I was kind of thinking, I saw a different story.

There were couple of scenes, I liked most. One was when his girl-friend left him, he started running for no reason wearing her gift (shoes). It was crazy but I think I liked that idea. Second was Lieutenant Dan (without his legs), sitting on the top of shrimp boat and faced the storm without fear. Later, they were the only survivors of that storm. It taught me that we need to face any situation boldly rather than shy away from it.

I liked this movie overall.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another “Musical Fish” site

Hello FM 106.4 Girish, when announcing the next song is “Aagaya Vennilavae” from Arangetravelai, told the song may be based on the raagam Shanmugapriya and he wasn’t sure of it and pleaded guilty if wrong. I think he may have some girlfriend in that name and wanted to tell her name and did this trick. Whatever, be the reason, he was wrong. So I searched for the raga of this song and found out that it was “Dharbari Kannada”!! Not only found out the raga of this song but also landed on a nice site.

Wanted to keep in track so that I can keep visiting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally watched Avatar

It was a casual yes to my friend when I met him in the Pongal festival organised by the Dallas Tamil Sangam and he booked the ticket to Avatar for yesterday (Monday) morning show.

After reading the story line in the net, I kind of expected this film to be a sort of documentary. So I prepared my mind for that.

Plus: Excellent photography, beautiful setting, beautiful scenaries and my butter popcorn. A nice big tree (like our village "Aala maram" (banyan tree), beautiful greenary, nice water fall, hanging garden, nice astronaut atmosphere, huge man operated robos,high tech screens, 3d holographs, big space tankers etc were a thing of joy!!

I kind of associated the avatars to ant family.. may be because of the tree house.. When you plan to build a house and you see a ant house, and imagine you talk with ant and do you still believe, you will say hey these ants are nice and I am not going to destroy this house to build mine or who cares about ants or some other living creatures there and I need to build my house.. this kind of question was always hanging in my mind and hence I think I couldnt enjoy the story line..

Overall, a nice imagination.. I would have loved this family had it been the hero negotiated a term between the local habitants and the aliens instead of fighting with their own fellows to safe guard the other..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Universe

I do some volunteer service in the DFW temple every sunday. Not that, I dedicate my time just for it, it is because, my kid goes to some language class and I want to spend my time usefully. Since my childhood days , my family believed in Sai Baba, we used to do some Narayana seva to the beggars in temples and church and that seva mentality continued here.

Ok (enough of my self pride), coming to the point I was doing some semia payasam for 500 people, it was a big vessel in the stove and I was stirring some 12 gals of milk in the vessel along with semia, cashews, elaichi etc. While stirring the milk, I was thinking of a strange concept. It was like the whole vessel with the milk is the milky way universe and the semia, cashes, elaichi as the planets in the universe. I was stirring the milk very carefully and in a constant speed, thinking there might be an Earth inside and some Newtons and Einsteins inside calculating the gravity/relativity etc.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Astronomical sites

I got a wild dream this morning.. It is like using the Gravitational force instead of gas in driving the engine..

I am not quite sure how to do this but got this dream..

So in search of this in the net, atleast I learnt first about the V6 engines.

While searching for Gravitational force, I landed up in couple of intersting Astronomy sites.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cancelled my trip

I cannot believe, I did this. It was like the last minute call. I was allset to go and in the last minute,I was forced to cancel the trip. Though, I lost money, I felt sad. No Indian wants to cancel an India trip.

Lot of struggles and back to work..

May be in Summer, I will visit..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I like "Margazhi" Month

I am not a poet (especially Kannadasan) to say, "Madangalil aval Margazhi"!!!

However, I like this month for various reasons:

One is because, the weather is so good you wont feel hot in Chennai and down south.

Second is we can fly some kites during this time. It would be nice and I enjoyed those moments in my house terrace.

Third and important one is during every mid night, in my place, the guy who beats a peculiar instrument for death, will keep playing it in the night time around 3:30 am. It churns the stomach and gives a peculiar effect even during the sleep. The doppler effect I get because of his walking around the town was also very enjoyable.. It was kind of thrilling enjoying experience. I asked my grannys why they do this and the reason given was some bad angels and demons will be roaming around and the instrument beating will keep away from them..

There are many other reasons I enjoy Margazhi.. Miss them now (for good reasons, so no regrets)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mourning for S.I

I really feel bad for S.I Vetrivel. I am really sorry for him and his family. If it can happen to a police, it can happen to any common Indian!!!

Whatever may be the case, immediately he should have been taken to the hospital.. Questions later...

I would blame us (All Indian citizens) for these type of incidents... We dont care about the value of a human life. When it happens to us, then we realize.. As long as we are not affected, we dont care...

We speak about it for 2 days and then forget the whole incident..

As long as justice is done, this incident should still boil in all our Indian hearts..

God bless India (and America) and the S.I's family

Thursday, January 7, 2010

President Obama's Health care reform bill

My sister was asking the other day what the humbaq is all about this Health care reform bill. For her and others like me, who wants to know the basics of it, I am just gathering some of the points I found on the net.

The healthcare reform package that Obama campaign on includes the following among its most notable elements:

1) Regulation of insurance companies including preventing them from dropping people or reducing their coverage because of a pre-existing condition

2) Expansion of coverage to most of the current uninsured, primarily through expansions to Medicaid, Medicare, and other existing government programs

3) Make health insurance more affordable through a variety of cost-cutting measures within healthcare as well as subsidies and tax credits for working families

4) Require employers to provide health insurance for their employees or face a fine

5) Establishment of healthcare exchanges where (some) individuals and businesses can choose a health insurance plan from among a menu of options, increasing competition

6) Creation of a "public option", a government run health insurance program available on the exchanges

Democrats in Congress would enact a bill and it is in the draft stage. This is the Baucus bill. This bill provides all of the above except the last item.

The legislation really would:

-->Protect millions of Americans from Medical bankruptcy.
-->Insure tens of millions of people.
-->Curb the worst practices of the private insurance industry.
-->Expand Medicaid
-->Lay down out-of pocket caps.
-->Help primary care providers.
-->Make hospitals more transparent.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unbelivable loss

Yes, I am talking about the second test match between Australia and Pakistan.

I was closely observing the match details on second test match at Sydney ground.

Though Mohammed Yousuf has taken the responsibility, I think it is because of Kamran Akmal and Misbah-Ul-haq they lost this match. Kamran Akmal because he missed 3 catches, else they would have atleast tried to win. Haq has not scored.

I am sorry for Pakistan.. Man unbelivable.. Yesterday night when I saw the score before going to sleep Pakistan lost a wicket and needed 134 runs. Thought they need to play slowly and win. Osman Samiuddin in cricinfo had written you are never at the other end till the last run scored and now I believe why he wrote like that. He also said the Aussies are still believing they can win and I thought they are crazy.. Pakis made me look crazy.. I wouldnt even vouch if it were India, because once we were all together and now just borders part us...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soccer 2010 Group B

Star players: Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez, Juan Veron
Coach: Diego Maradona
Stats: Argentina has won 14 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Javier Mascherano
Star players: Obafemi Martins
Coach: Shaibu Amodu
Stats: Nigeria has won 3 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Nwankwo Kanu
Korea Republic
Star players: Park Ji-Sung, Park Chu-Young, Cho Young-Cheol
Coach: Huh Jung-Moo
Stats: Korea Republic has won 7 times FIFA World cup.
Captain: Lee Young Joo
Star players: Georgios Karagounis, Theofanis Gekas
Coach: Otto Rehhagel
Stats: Greece has won 1 time FIFA World cup.
Captain: Angelos Basinas

New Year Resolutions

I have some Resolutions this year.

One is to handle my anger in a positive way. I dont want to control my anger. In life we need to have anger, liking, love etc. This is what drives us. However, trying to divert the anger in a positive way is what I will try to do this year. Havent figured out how to do but will try.

Second is to continue my last year's successful one. Yes, I had a very bad habbit and I left it last year. I am proud of that achievement. I will try to continue the same this year too..

Third is to read a book a month. Book reading is a must.

Fourth is, I started playing some music by getting musical notes from various sites in my keyboard. I have to improvise it so that I can atleast play one song fully in my keyboard. Some sites I get music notes are and

Fifth and important one is to keep away from Forex. Yes, though it was only two months, I got into it and am more getting addicted to it. I lost some money in it and after new year, I didnt play with real money. I am trying to play with only practice money. I want to keep away from it. You need to have more knowledge to play.